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Student Organization List

The student organizations are divided into eight different categories:

 Academic (DE)
Residence Hall (RH)

Greek (GE)
Service (SE)

Honorary (HO)
Sports (SP)

Faith Based (RE)
Special Interest (SI)

  ABA Tech Dr. Krystal Kennedy SI  5074 To promote behavior analysis to members of the university and the immediate community by collaborating with organizations offering ABA services, providing educational opportunities, assisting with awareness and recruitment toward ABA Tech and providing networking opportunities with local Board Certified Behavior Analysts and alumni.
  Accounting Club Leigh Waggoner DE  5024 To bring together students and faculty of accounting, and members of the business community, so that they may further their knowledge and interest in this profession.
  Addiction and Recovery Awareness Dr. Lachelle Norris SI 5052 To raise awareness about use of, and dependency on, addictive substance. To gather and disseminate information on addiction to help educate the campus community. Provide resources for available counseling and recovery opportunities along with offering peer support to those in recovery.
  Adelphos Harry Ingle RE 5121 To bring together collegiate men so they can find fellowship in each other. To encourage men to explore their faith and support one another in a non-judgmental environment. To provide the supplies necessary for various opportunities to give back to the community in a faith-based manner.
  African Students Union (ASU) Dr. Daniel Badoe SI 5104 A group of students interested in promoting cultural and general awareness of Africa and its history.
  Agribusiness Club Dr. Michael Best DE 5034 To provide opportunities for students majoring in Agribusiness Economics.
  Agricultural Council Dr. Bruce Greene DE 5034 To promote and advance the academic programs and other programs within the school of agriculture.
  Agricultural Engineering Technology Club Dr. James Baier DE 5034 To acquaint present and potential members with opportunities in agriculture engineering technology; to acquaint industry and the general public with agriculture engineering; to develop potential leadership and create a spirit of fellowship among members; to foster the development of professional and intellectual improvement; and to promote the interests of students in agricultural engineering as these relate to professional advancement.
  Agri-tourism Association Dr. Janice Branson DE 5034 To provide a professional organization that will provide networking opportunities for Tennessee Tech students with agritourism industry leaders and faculty in the School of Agriculture, to educate others about the field of agritourism, to seek professional development from agritourism industry leaders.
  Alpha Delta Pi Dr. Leann Shipley GR 5035 An international social organization for women.
  Alpha Gamma Sigma Dr. Jim Baier GR 5034 A national social organization for men centered around the field of agriculture.
  Alpha Kappa Alpha Shonteria Russell GR 5094 Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first Greek-lettered sorority established and incorporated by African-American college women. Membership is for college educated women.
  Alpha Kappa Delta Betsie Garner HO 5052 To promote an interest in the study of sociology.
View Video Alpha Kappa Psi Lelia Gibson DE 5023 To further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of collegiate rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration.
  Alpha Lambda Delta Dr. Robert Owens HO 5145 A national society that honors the academic excellence of freshman students.
  Alpha Mu Gamma Dr. Martn Sheehan HO 5061 A national collegiate foreign language honor society
  Alpha Phi Alpha Harry Ingle GR 5006 An international social organization for male minority students.
  Alpha Phi Omega Derek Cashman SE 5055 To assemble college students in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of principles derived from the Scout Oath and the Law of the Boy Scouts of America. To develop leadership, to promote friendship, and to provide service to humanity, and to further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellectual heritage.
  Alpha Psi Omega Dr. Mark Creter HO 5053 To stimulate interest in dramatic activities by this large national honorary fraternity.
  Alpha Psi Phi Dr. Mari Ramler SI 5053 To promote interest in science fiction and fantasy.
  Alpha Sigma Lambda (Tau Tau Chapter) Jeannie Smith HO 5176 To recognize academically outstanding non-traditional students.
  Amateur Radio Society Dr. Michael Allen SI 5054 To encourage interest in Amateur Radio.
  American Choral Director's Association Dr. Craig Zamer DE 5045 To foster and promote choral singing which will provide artistic and spirited experiences for the participants; foster and promote the finest types of choral music to make these experience possible; to foster and encourage rehearsal procedures conducive to attaining the highest level possible in musicianship and artistic performance; to foster and promote the organization and development of choral groups of all types in schools, colleges, and churches; to foster and promote the organization and development of choral societies in cities and communities; and to foster and promote the intelligent understanding of choral music as an important medium of artistic expression.
  American Foundry Society Dr. Fred Vondra DE 5003 To promote industry relations with a focus on foundry ideals and technological advancements in the field. 
  American Institute of Chemical Engineers Dr. Holly Stretz DE  5013 To advance Chemical Engineering education on campus.
  American Sign Language  Susan Collins SI 5092 To promote awareness and inclusion of the deaf community and to teach American Sign Language in a fun, pressure-free environment.
View Video American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Dr. Daniel VandenBerge DE 5015 To encourage the development of a professional consciousness and opportunity for civil engineering students to become acquainted and practice working together.
  American Society of Mechanical Engineers Dr. Stephen Canfield DE 5014 To unite by social and technical means the students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and to further the interests of Mechanical Engineering in general.
  Amigos Spanish Club Dr. Manuel Villalba DE 5061 To promote interest in the Spanish language and culture.
  ASHRAE Dr. Glenn Cunningham DE 5014 The advancement of the sciences of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning engineering and related sciences. Continuing education of the members and other interested persons in said sciences, through lectures, demonstrations and publications. Rendition of career guidance to students of the sciences and encouragement of the scientific research.
  Associated Scholars Guild (ASG) Lindsey Roberts HO 5124 To promote an appreciation of scholarship in its broadest context; to develop an awareness of the unity inherent in the diverse ways that all disciplines search for "truth"; to unite those students who are associated with the Honors Program; to represent its members in campus affairs and to speak on behalf of its members when the occasion arises; to support the academic unit of the Honors Program in various appropriate ways.
  Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Dr. Muhammad Ismail DE  5004 To promote a greater interest in computing machinery and its applications.
  Association for Computing Machinery's Committee on Women in Computing Dr. Muhammad Ismail DE  5004 To promote the educational and scientific contributions of women in computing.
  Association of Informational Technology Professionals (AITP) Dr. Stuart Wells DE 5022 To be the leading worldwide society of information technology business professionals and the community of knowledge for the current and next generation of leaders.
  Autonomous Robotics Club Dr. Stephen Canfield SI 5014 To learn and develop new information and technology related to the problem of autonomous robotics, to promote the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of autonomous robotics to all persons who desire to learn. To give students an opportunity to learn and practice engineering principles in a hands on environment. To ultimately compete with other schools.
View Video Aviation Society Dr. Alexander Shibakov SI 5054 To promote awareness and interest in the field of aviation at Tennessee Technological University and in the community.
  Backdoor Improv Troupe Dr. Mark Creter SI 5053 To promote and share the art form of comedic improvisational acting. 
  Badminton Club Charmian Leong SI  5191 To promote safe participation in the sport of badminton. The club will provide instruction, competition and motivation to all its members.
  Baja SAE Dr. Dale Wilson,
Dr. John Tester,
Will Brookshear
5014 To design and build a small car to race in an annual regional competition.
  Bangladeshi Student Association Dr. Sheikh K. Ghafoor SI 5101 To promote cultural, social and national value of Bangladesh. To develop leadership, social, communicative and self-reliance skills among members. To extend students involvement on campus and within the community. To help incoming Bangladeshi students settle in at Tennessee Tech.
  Baptist Collegiate Ministry Dr. Robert Owens RE 5145 To lead students and faculty members to commit themselves to Jesus Christ and guide them in Christian growth and discipleship.
  Best Buddies  Dr. Jane Baker SI 5112 To establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one to one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  Beta Alpha Psi Dr. Dan Fesler HO 5024 A national honors business organization for highly successful accounting, finance and information systems students and professionals.
  Beta Beta Beta Dr. Richard Pirkle HO 5063 To function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences.
  Beta Gamma Sigma Dr. Ramachandran Natarajan HO 5022 An honor society for business students and scholars.
  Biology Graduate Student Society Dr. Christopher Wheeler DE 5063 Promote graduate student involvement in seminars, journal article discussions, workshops, conferences, etc., it will facilitate discussions among grad students and professionals in biology field, it will serve as a resource for graduate students.
  Black Student Union Charria Campbell SI 5145 To serve as a liaison between the university and black students. The Black Student Union will serve as a liaison between the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council, the Commission on the Status of Blacks, and all academic departments. The Black Student Union aims to foster student growth and development through diversity, academics, community service as well as outreach. The Black Student Union provides an opportunity for students of all ethnicities to celebrate black culture, lifestyle and history. The Black Student Union gives black students a voice on campus which can at time be unaware of what it is like to be a black student on a predominately white campus. The Black Student Union supports black students and affirms black culture on campus. 
  Block and Bridle Club Dr. Dennis Fennewald DE 5034 Stimulates interest in animal agriculture and supports teaching, research and service activities that will promote livestock production.
View Video Campus Outreach Dr. Chris Wilson RE 5014 A network of interdenominational Christian organizations, focusing on evangelizing and discipling college students worldwide.
  Campus YMCA Congress Dr. Colleen Mestayer SI 5072 To participate in the National YMCA assembly in the spring semester of each academic year. Students will learn about civic engagements and policy. To encourage the University community to become more involved with current politics and to recruit members and maintain active memberships.
View Video Catholic Student Organization Bradley Westrick RE 5074 A community that encourages each member to realize fully his or her God-given talent and to use these gifts in building up the Reign of God.
  Center of Diversity Education (CODE) Dr. Julie Baker SI 5116 To establish an organic setting where student-athletes have the opportunity to convene and communicate about real world issues, changes that we would like to see in the community, as well as the world around us. To provide a healthy environment for student-athletes to manifest change, partner with surrounding schools in the community to serve as role models and impact the youth, as well as grant student-athletes support and provide a platform to speak about issues plaguing our country today.  To achieve unity across different athletic programs on this campus and establish a connection in order to bring about change. 
  Chemical Engineering Graduate Research Association (CEGRA) Dr. Bahman Ghorashi DE 5013 To promote the scholarly atmosphere of the chemical engineering department.
  Chemical Medical Sciences Club Ann Marie Carrick DE 5055 Puts students in touch with the professionals students need to know if they are interested in a professional career. Medical professionals visit the Chem-Med Club meetings and share the ins and outs of their profession and help you understand what it takes to be successful.
  Chess Club Dr. Paul Semmes SI 5065 A club that meets to promote the game of chess.
  Chi Alpha Campus Ministry Dr. Richard Pirkle RE 5063 To promote love and spiritual growth among students of Tn Tech based on the life of Jesus Christ and the Bible, as well as to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit. This will be accomplished within a Pentecostal Christian context and in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Assemblies of God USA.
  Chi Epsilon Dr. Craig Henderson DE 5015 Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession.
  Chi Sigma Iota Dr. Chad Luke HO 5031 To promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.
  Child and Family Sciences Organization Dr. Leeann Shipley DE 5035 To enhance the professional development of students interested in working with children and families.
  Child Life Association Dr. Cara Sisk DE 5035 To provide child life professionals with networking, educational, and professional development experiences.
  Chinese Student Association Dr. K.L. Ting SI 5077 A student group dedicated to promoting Chinese Culture and fostering friendship in the Chinese Community.
  College Democrats Dr. Troy Smith SI  5064 A student organization that strives to represent the Democratic Party's beliefs by participating in political discussion, organizing informative events, and reaching out to our surrounding community.
  College of Arts and Sciences Student Ambassadors Angie Clark DE 5142 To promote Tennessee Tech University and the College of Arts and Sciences through positive professional interactions, active recruitment, and volunteer activities.
  College of Business Administration Student Ambassadors Julie Galloway DE 5023 To serve the college of business and improve the retention of current students and the recruitment of prospective students into the college.
  College Republicans Dr. Pamela Harden  SI 5171 To bring young people into the Republican Party and to provide an opportunity for them to find political expression and recognition. To collect, analyze, discuss and disseminate information concerning political affairs.
  Collegiate 4-H Dr. Bruce Greene SI 5034 To collectively and individually support and assist 4-H activity in Tennessee.
  Collegiate Future Farmers of America (FFA) Dr. Bruce Greene
Dr. Dennis Duncan
5034 To make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
  Computer Science Graduate Club Dr. Doug Talbert DE 5101 To increase awareness about research, have biweekly research seminars, share research ideas and collaborate on projects, and help members network with peers and professionals in the field of Computer Science.
  Creative Writing Club Dr. Monic Ductan SI 5053 To promote the creative arts and provide a space for students to share their creative work and fellowship with other writers and poets.
  CyberEagles Club Dr. Ambareen Siraj DE 5101 To raise computer and information security consciousness and proficiency of students in using, designing, developing, and operating computing technology.
  Data Science League Dr. Doug Talbert DE 5101 To promote an increase in knowledge and awareness of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, to showcase applications and research, and to provide opportunities for members to undertake projects.
View Video Delight DeLayne Miller RE  5041 To bring together Tech collegiate women so they can grow in relationships with others, ask difficult questions, and find a strong community of Christians and non-Christians alike.
  Delta Gamma Dr. Tammy Boles GR 5152 An international social Greek organization for women.
  Delta Phi Epsilon Michelle Huddleston GR 5115 An international social Greek organization for women.
  Delta Tau Alpha Dr. Bruce Greene HO 5034 An honor society for students in the field of agriculture.
  Disc Golf Club Alex Callis SP 5006 To promote disc golf within the Tennessee Tech community and create a fun yet competitive environment for any student or faculty who wishes to play disc golf. 
  Disney Club Dr. Brian Williams SI 5053 To help students stand out to the Disney Company with this one of a kind organization and to bring out their kid again.
  Double Reeds Dr. Michael Adduci DE 5045 To encourage knowledge and appreciation of double reed instruments on campus and in the surrounding community, through the performances and education related to the oboe and bassoon instrumental families and their music. To promote music education in primary and secondary schools in our region, both in general and also in specifically related to the oboe and bassoon. 
  Ducks Unlimited Dr. Jim Baier SI 5034 An organization that promotes wildlife conservation.
  Dungeons and Dragons Dr. William Carroll SI 5055 To promote interest in the tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons on Tennessee Tech's campus. The sessions shall promote cooperation, problem solving, responsibility and team building values through engaging team members in interactive story building games.
  Eagle View Productions Laith Zuraikat SI 5072 Students of all majors can collaborate and share their passion for all platforms and outlets of media and media production.
  Engineering Joint Council  Harry Ingle DE 5121 An organization comprised of students elected annually by a majority vote of an engineering organization to represent the College of Engineering.
  Engineers Without Borders Dr. Tania Datta DE 5033 To support community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership.
  Environmental Conservation Club Dr. Michael Nattrass SI 5034 A student organization whose aim is to promote a sustainable environment that embraces positive conservation cultures.
View Video Equestrian Team Dr. Douglas Airhart SI 5051 To promote the art of horsemanship in the Upper Cumberland area of Middle Tennessee specifically and the nation in general.
  eSports Club Blake Smith SI 5071 Founded on the basis of providing a place for students to converse about and compete in various video games, both casually and competitively.
  Eta Kappa Nu Dr. Bhattacharya HO 5077 The electrical and computer engineering honor society.
  Exceptional Learning Student Organization Dr. Ashely Akenson HO 5042 ELSO is the ELPhD student organization. It provides a base of support for ELPhD students who work with exceptional learners in traditional and non-traditional learning environments. Members have an opportunity to discuss and share ideas; nurture professional, academic, and social development in the ELPhD concentrations; and work along with faculty and staff on exciting research, service, and other opportunities. ELSO host service, research, learning, and social events for members. 
  Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness Club Christina Turnbow DE 5043 An organization that provides opportunities for all members to exhibit integrity, leadership and professionalism to achieve success in the fields of Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness.
  Fashion Merchandising Association (FMA) Dr. Hannah Upole SI 5035 To assemble students together to enhance knowledge, develop leadership skills, and promote collegiality among those who hold a common interest in the fields of merchandising and design. 
  Fellowship of Christian Athletes Dewayne Alexander
Chip Pugh
5102 To provide a community for athletes and athletic supporters to gather and have fellowship with one another.
  Fishing Club Dr. Mark Rogers SI 5114 To inform campus about the sport of fishing. To provide opportunities for students to engage in a bass fishing sports club. To provide an opportunity for students to participate in competitive fishing at the collegiate level.
  Flute Organization Dr. Mary Matthews SI 5045 To promote and encourage flute education and performance.
  Foil, Epee, Sabre Society (F.E.S.S) John Welch SI 5043 To promote the sport of fencing on campus, and to compete with other fencing organizations in local, state, regional, national, and international competitions.
  Food Nutrition and Dietetics Club Samantha Hutson DE 5035 An organization that provides information on nutrition issues, career opportunities in the nutrition/food industry, and internships or graduate school programs.
  Formula SAE Mark Davis SI 5015 To design and construct a small, formula style race car to compete in the annual FSAE competition.
  French Club (Avant-Garde) Dr. Debbie Barnard DE 5061 To promote interest in the French Language and Culture.
  Future Elementary Teachers Math/Science Club Dr. Stephanie Wendt DE 5042 To keep pre-service teachers updated in the latest methods and pedagogy for teaching math and science in the elementary schools.
  Futuro Dr. Alma Hales Carlos Galindo SI
5082 To promote an inclusive community that creates opportunities for growth and professional development, networking and career growth through various workshops and conferences. 
  Game Development Club April Crockett SI 5101 To promote interest in game development, gather students interested in game development, network members of various talents, to offer instruction and resources to develop games, and to promote the creations of those members. 
View Video The Gathering Melissa Creek RE 5023 Through Tennessee Tech students to make Christ known and to mobilize a generation to live lives that impact eternity.
  Geo Club Dr. Jeanette Luna DE 5062 A student organization devoted to geosciences.
  German Club Dr. Martin Sheehan DE  5061 To promote interest in the German language and culture.
  Graduate Chemistry Club Amanda Carroll DE 5055 Provide graduate students in chemistry the opportunity to meet to discuss research in the field, network, and develop skills that will benefit the advancement of students' careers
  Graduate Electrical and Computer Engineering Students Association TBD DE 5041 To promote electrical and computer engineering majors.
View Video Gymnastics Club Dr. Richard Pirkle SP 5063 To provide opportunities with participation in gymnastics. To allow the formation of friendships and leadership. To provide a stress free, fun and safe environment for learning the sport of gymnastics. To allow students to learn the sport of gymnastics without worrying about the stress of finances and responsibilities which is involved with other teams. 
  Habitat for Humanity Charles Craig SI 5162 A student organization that promotes the participation and education of ensuring families in need throughout the area have affordable housing options.
  Highlands Young Professionals Michael Aikens SI 5036 To offer young professionals across campus the opportunity to engage with one another and the Highlands community through networking opportunities, community outreach, and professional development. Develop student-based initiatives to promote career readiness and community engagement. 
  History Club Dr. Allen Driggers DE 5064 A student organization open to all Tennessee Tech students, and especially encourages the participation of those who may not be history majors, but who share an interest in learning more about the past.
  Housing and Design Association Dr. Melinda Anderson DE 5035 A student organization that tries to foster interest in the field of interior design.
View Video IMPACT TTU Dr. Ashley Akenson Dr. Andrea Acre-Trigatti SI
5116 To promote multicultural awareness, spark interest in and provide education on issues of diversity and equality, develop an inclusive service-learning community, and enhance student retention and academic success. 
  Indian Association Dr. Indranil Bhattacharya SI 5004 To promote better understanding and to foster friendship, goodwill, cultural exchange and cooperation's among the people having origin or connections by birth or otherwise with the Indian subcontinent and the citizens of the United States.
  Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IEEE) Dr. Ali Alouani DE 5004 A professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.
  Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Dr. Daniel Badoe DE 5015 To promote learning and involvement in the transportation field of Civil Engineering. Students would have the opportunity to interact with transportation engineers, attend conferences and competitions. Engagement with fellow students in civil engineering. 
  Interfraternity Council  Alyssa Robinson GR 5156 The governing council of all of the male social organizations (fraternities).
  International Business Association Lelia Gibson SI 5023 To create a base of support for students with a interest in international business and political affairs.
  Japanese Club Dr. Motoya Machida SI 5054 To promote students to learn Japanese culture and Japanese language.
View Video Kainos College Ministry  Dr. Robert Owens RE 5145 A discipleship group aimed at the growth and development of college students and young adults, especially students of color. This ministry seeks to provide a diverse environment for students to grow spiritually through fellowship and discipleship.
  Kappa Alpha Dr. Brad Cook GR 5063 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Kappa Alpha Psi Dr. Robert Owens GR 5145 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Kappa Delta Laura Nisbet GR 5091 An international social organization for women.
View Video Kappa Delta Pi Dr. Julie Stepp
Dr. Stephanie Wendt
5042 To promote excellence in and recognize contributions to education. To honor achievement in educational work. To maintain and promote a strong professional development service to all members. 
  Kappa Kappa Psi Dr. Eric Harris        Dr. Jeffrey Miller SE
5045 To promote the existence and welfare of the college and university bands and to cultivate at large a wholesome respect for their activities and achievements.
  Kappa Mu Epsilon Barry Elliott HO 5054 A mathematics honor society founded to focus on the needs of undergraduate mathematics students.
  Kappa Omicron Nu Dr. Melinda Anderson HO 5035 A national honor society recognizing excellence in family and consumer sciences.
  Kappa Sigma Thomas Turner GR 5193 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Lambda Alpha Sigma Dr. Dennis Duncan DE 5034 To promote the advancement of women in agricultural fields.
  Lambda Gay-Straight Alliance Dr. Mark Cramer SI  5061 To provide a network of support, safety, and unity for LGBTQ students on Tennessee Tech's campus.
  Lambda Lambda Lambda Dr.  Wesley Pech SI 5083 To be a program oriented club designed to create lasting relationships for people who might be enticed by other programs but might not have the social or economic capabilities to make such a commitment. 
View Video LARP Club Jonathan Moldenhaur SI 5055 To promote imagination, creativity, historical knowledge, physical activity, community and confidence. 
  Lions Club Lelia Gibson SI 5023 To focus on many projects and events that are both vision and non-vision related.
  Love Your Melon Mark Wilson SI 5057 To help give a hat to every child battling cancer in America, fund childhood cancer research initiatives and provide immediate support for children and their families through the sales of Love Your Melon products.
  Lunar Rover Dr. Avinash Paruchuri DE 5003 To design and build a rover vehicle to compete in competitions. 
  Lutheran Student Association Dr. Joseph Biernacki RE 5013 An organization of Lutheran students who are interested in following in the steps of Christ.
  Marketing Club Kathryn Nicewicz DE 5083 An organization that effectively promotes the fundamentals of Marketing as a field of study, profession, and as a means of presenting oneself to the student body, faculty and surrounding community.
  Mate Masie Ghanaian Drum and Dance Club Cale Koester SI 5042 To promote the art and culture of Ghanaian drumming and dancing across campus and the community through performance of traditional Ghanaian pieces. To give members an additional source to organize the study and performance of this material.
  Mathematics Club Dr. Richard LeBorne DE 5054 An organization for the purpose of providing enrichment and challenges for students who have a strong interest and ability in mathematics.
  Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Organization Dr. Ethan Languri DE 5014 To provide an opportunity for graduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering a chance to fellowship, network, pursue opportunities to collaborate with their peers, allow an avenue to provide constructive feedback, enhance education through speakers and learning opportunities, and to encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate school at Tennessee Tech.
  Men's Soccer Club Dr. Ahmad Vaselbehagh SP 5014 To foster and encourage the sport of soccer. To provide a means for those who are interested to better themselves at this sport. To better understand the world's most popular sport, be it by participation or as a spectator.
  Men's Volleyball Club Dr. Christy Killman SP 5043 To stimulate interest in men's volleyball in professional, organized manner. To provide an opportunity for a high level of competition in men's volleyball.
  Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences TBD DE TBD 5034 To promote and implement initiatives which foster inclusion and advancement of members of ethnic/cultural groups under-represented in agricultural and natural resource sciences and related fields in all phases of career preparation and participation in these areas. To promote and offer opportunities for participation in an active mutual support network to all of its members
  Miracle Dr. Katherine Williams SI 5156 To promote fundraising for Children's Miracle Network and Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. To reach the entire campus and community to join the cause in fighting for the next generation. Provide funding for the hospital to improve the quality of life of many children and to provide lifesaving care for children.
  Model UN Dr. Ronald McGauvran DE 5052 To provide students with a forum to discuss international topics, to guide such discussions, to improve speaking, debate, and parliamentary skills, to represent the organization in national and international competition. To increase awareness of internationals affairs for the member, the campus and the community. To facilitate consensus building while dealing with pressing international issues. 
  Mortar Board Dr. Brian O'Connor
Dr. Adam Holley
5054 The premier national honor society recognizing college seniors for achievements in scholarship, leadership and service.
  Mu Phi Epsilon Dr. Diane Pulte DE 5045 A co-ed international professional music fraternity and honor society.
  Muslim Students Organization TBD RE TBD 5004 A religious organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining Islamic societies on college campuses in Canada and the United States.
  National Association for Music Education Collegiate (NAFME) Dr. Judith Sullivan DE 5045 To discuss and address issues and concepts in music education.
  National Association of the Advancement of Colored People Jimmy Jones SI  5016 To ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality and safety of minority students of Tennessee Tech and eliminate race prejudice.
  National Organization for Business and Engineering TBD SI TBD 5022 To bring together individuals at corporate and academic institutions in both business and engineering and to integrate these fields into one practice.
  National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)  Alyssa Robinson GR 5156 The governing council of all of the minority social organizations.
View Video National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Harry Ingle DE 5121 A student run organization centered on improving the recruitment and retention of African-American engineering students.
  National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) Sherrie Cannon HO 5185 To create a support group that will help college students achieve their goals and better their lives, in the process building leaders who make a better world. 
  Nontraditional Student Organization Jeannie Smith SI 5176 To promote information, guidance, and mutual support among its members, and to facilitate the education of nontraditional students of Tennessee Tech.
  Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) Dr. Susan Piras SI 5001 A Christian professional organization and a ministry of and for nurses and nursing students. NCF is a ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.
  Omega Phi Alpha Dr. Jessica Richards SE 5043 To promote service to the university community and nations of the world.
  Omega Psi Phi Dr. Robert Owens GR 5145 An international social organization for male minority students.
  Omicron Delta Kappa Dr. Dennis Duncan HO 5034 A national leadership honor society that recognizes those who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities.
  One World Dr. George Chitiyo SI 5042 To promote unity, mutual understanding and to strengthen ties between people of different cultures.
  Order of Omega  Alyssa Robinson HO 5156 Fraternity and Sorority honor society for upperclassmen who have at least 60 hours and a 3.4 GPA.
  Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries Melissa Creek RE 5055 We are a loving community of Orthodox Christian believers. Our goal is to spread Christ's love to everyone and to raise awareness about our faith. We welcome any and all who want to learn about our faith.
View Video oStem Amanda Carroll SI 5055 To empower LGBTQA students and allies in STEM field to succeed personally, academically, and professionally by cultivating environments and communities that nurture innovation, leadership, and advocacy.
  Outdoor Club Lauren Michel SI 5062 To engage the active mind, encourage one to get outside, and help out the environment while doing so.
  Panhellenic Council  Alyssa Robinson GR 5156 The governing council of all of the female social organizations (sororities).
View Video Peer Empowerment Program Nicole Cook SI 5052 To engage students of all backgrounds to come together and address the issues of sexual violence on TN Tech's campus. PEP will work closely with Project AWAKEN to provide awareness, advocacy, knowledge, empowerment, and nurturing to survivors, as well as education of the campus community, thus enhancing the safety of our campus. 
View Video Percussion Club Dr. Colin Hill DE 5045 To encourage knowledge and appreciation of percussion.
  Phi Alpha Theta Dr. Susan Laningham HO 5064 A national honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history.
  Phi Beta Delta Dr. Matthew Zagumny SI 5031 Recognize achievement in international educational interchange, and in doing so, serve as a catalyst.
View Video Phi Delta Theta Dr. Jennifer Mabry GR  5001 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Phi Epsilon Kappa Dr. Christy Killman DE 5043 A national professional fraternity to promote integrity, leadership, and professionalism to achieve success in the fields of Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness
  Phi Gamma Delta  Ahmed Abounassif GR 5121 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Phi Kappa Phi Mark Lynam HO 5164 Founded in 1897, Phi Kappa Phi is the nation's oldest and most selective multidisciplinary collegiate honor society. Membership in the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is earned. Admission is by invitation and requires nomination and approval by a chapter.
View Video Phi Mu Shelley Brown GR 5052 An international social organization for women.
  Physics Club Dr. Adam Holley DE 5051 An organization whose purpose is to stimulate interest in Physics.
  Pi Kappa Alpha Dr. Sean Alley GR 5156 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Pi Kappa Delta (Speech and Debate) Dr. Graham Kash SI  5053 To stimulate progress in and to further the interests of intercollegiate speech activities and communication.
  Pi Kappa Phi Dr. Troy Brachey GR 5054 To create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities.
  Pi Sigma Alpha Dr. Lauren Harding HO 5052 An honor society for college students of political science and government backgrounds.
  Pi Tau Sigma Dr. Chris Wilson HO 5014 To foster the high ideals of mechanical engineering.
  Plant Science Experiences Club Dr. Douglas Airhart DE 5034 To promote the development and advancement of students in their professional careers. To affiliate with state green industry organizations related to horticulture and landscape management.
  Pokemon Club Jerry Swallows Kevin Bryant SI
5063 To promote the interest of people who are interested in competitive and casual Pokemon. The goal of this club is to provide a place for people with the same interest in Pokemon to come together.
  Poultry Science Club Dr. Dennis Fennewald DE 5034 To promote interest in the science of Poultry Science by creating a sense of unity and friendship among fellow members, improving community relations, and taking part in state and national Poultry Science awareness. 
  PR Club Dr. Brenda Wilson DE 5072 To advance students professionally in the public relations field
  Pre-Law Club Dr. Lori Maxwell DE 5052 To offer assistance to students making informed decisions in selecting law as a career.
  Presbyterian Student Association Dr. Julie Stepp RE 5042 A college campus ministry that welcomes students from all walks of the Christian Faith.
  Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club Dr. Bruce Green DE 5034 An organization that seeks to promote interest in the science of veterinary medicine.
  Professional and Technical Communication Club Dr. Kris Pickering
Dr. Mari Ramler
5053 To provide opportunities for discipline specific knowledge dissemination and creation that normally are not a part of courses in the Professional and Technical Communication Program. 
  Psi Chi Dr. Matthew Zagumny HO 5031 An honor society for college students of psychology backgrounds.
  Psychology Club Dr. Matthew Zagumny DE 5031 To provide information and promote interest in the field of psychology.
  Ratio Christi Dr. Mike Rogers SI 5101 Equip university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.
View Video Reformed University Fellowship Kathryn Rust RE 5055 To provide in-depth ministry to university students.
  Renewable Energy Organization TBA DE TBA 5003 To study new renewable energy technologies that will meet society's energy demands through education and experimentation.
View Video Residence Hall Association (RHA) Josh Hulgan RH 5016 The governing body for all students living in the residence halls at Tennessee Tech that works primarily for the welfare of all residence hall students; coordinate activities; serve as a channel of student opinion; ensure the students are aware of his/her responsibilities and constitutional rights; encourage the development of responsibilities, character, leadership, scholarship, citizenship; and create a spirit of unity and service.
  Root Position Dr. Craig Zammer SI 5045 To promote the sharing of acapella music with Tennessee Technological University students, staff, and faculty as well as the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.
  Rotaract Club Dr. Sandi Smith-Andrews SI 5042 To develop professional and leadership skills, to emphasize respect the rights for others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual
  Rugby Club Suzann Hensley SP 5107 To provide an intercollegiate club sport for the joint university and to represent the university in the sport of rugby.
View Video Rural Reimagined Club Michael Aikens SI 5103 To promote a linkage between diverse academic learning outcomes through co-curricular service projects. Develop student based initiatives to positively impact and transform rural communities. 
  Saudi Club Michelle Huddleston SI 5115 An organization promoting positive interaction between the Saudi community at Tennessee Tech and the Cookeville community, to learn more about other cultures, and to educate others about Middle Eastern culture.
  Save Us Club Dr. Nikki Panter SI 5063 To promote successful animal adoption through education and training of animals as well as support local animal shelter and resources. The club also gives students insight into the profession of animal behavior and animal training.
  Saxophone Association Dr. Matthew Younglove SI 5045 To give students the opportunity to study and understand saxophone as medium of serious musical expression, encouraging its use in a wide variety of musical settings.
  Scholars United for the Homeless Michelle Huddleston SI 5115 To promote the alleviation of homelessness and specifically aid Cookeville Rescue Mission helping the homeless by providing adequate supplies and raising awareness of their needs around campus, providing services with major-specific knowledge and skills. 
  Scuba Society Dr. Christy Killman SI 5043 To promote safe and fun scuba diving, advance the knowledge and perfect the techniques of scuba diving, provide and organize scuba diving trips that allow friendships that expand outside the classroom, while also observing and practicing the ways to keep the ocean clean and preserving marine life.
  Servants of Christ Dr. Jann Cupp RE 5031 To provide a ministry to individuals in the campus community, nurturing them in the Christian life and faith.
  Sigma Chi Derrick Edwards GR 5031 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Sigma Phi Epsilon Dr. Steven Frye GR 5073 An international social organization for men striving for excellence in the areas of academics and philanthropy.
  Sigma Pi Sigma Dr. Adam Holley HO 5051 A national honor society for students in the field of physics.
  Sigma Tau Delta Dr. Brian Williams HO 5053 An international collegiate honor society for students of English literature backgrounds.
  Smash Bros. Club Dr. Chad Rezsnyak SI 5055 To promote interest in and host events for the Super Smash Bros. game series for both entertainment and skill development so that club members can viably compete in local, regional, state, and national competitions.
  Society for Advancement of Finance and Economics Dr. Mark Melichar DE 5083 An organization in the College of Business that is open to all students interested in a finance or economics major.
  Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Dr. Shelly Marasi DE 5022 An organization open to all students interested in the Human Resource Management field.
  Society of Advancement of Management (SAM) Dr. Tom Timmerman DE 5022 A national organization that focuses on leadership and business management for students.
  Society of Clarinets Dr. Mark Cramer DE 5045 To further the knowledge of the clarinet by means of trips, discussions, or other means fitting by the leadership of the organization. 
  Society of Collegiate Journalists Dr. Russ Witcher DE 5053 An academic, journalism honorary society devoted to college journalists, advisors, and media at universities.
  Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Dr. Holly Stretz DE 5013 To increase the number of Hispanic students enrolled in and graduating from Tennessee Tech with degrees in STEM disciplines.
  Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Dr. Ismail Fidan DE 5003 An international student society dedicated to serving its members through its many programs and activities.
  Society of Women Engineers Dr. Kris Craven DE 5002 An organization that stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers.
  Sociology/Criminal Justice Club Dr. Betsie Garner Nicole Cook DE
5052 An organization that exists to further the academic and career development of students in the criminal justice and sociology fields, that also includes just getting together and having a good time on occasion.
  Steel Bridge Team Mark Davis DE 5015 For a group of undergraduate and/or graduate students to work to design, fabricate, construct and test a 1:10 scale steel bridge to compete in the annual AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition.
  Student Affiliates of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dr. Janet Coonce Derek Cashman DE
5055 To promote cross-departmental fellowship among students who are in biochemically related fields of study.
  Student Apostolics Learning Together (SALT) Yolunda Nabors RE 5083 A Pentecostal/Apostolic campus ministry that is open to all students.
  Student Association for Plant Sciences (Botany Club) Dr. Shawn Krosnick SI 5063 To bring students together that share a common interest and desire to learn more about plants, to share this enthusiasm with others, and to promote plant science education.
  Student Center for the Public Trust Dr. Steve Garner SI 5024 To promote ethical thinking in the developing character and conscience of students.
  Student Conservation Biology Association Dr. Christopher Wheeler SI 5063 To be a collaborative effort between students, educators, professionals, and individuals with an interest in issues affecting the biodiversity of local and worldwide communities. To provide a forum for the increased awareness of issues affecting biodiversity, opportunities for service and education, and resources for professional development of its members.
  Student Council for Exceptional Children Dr. Amy Callender DE 5042 A chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children.
  Student Environmental Action Coalition Dr.  Lauren Michel SI lmichel@tntech.ed  5062 To act as agents of environmental education and change by addressing the environmental impact of our educational institution and our society. SEAC seeks tangible change in our school, our society, and our world. This will come through finding connections between local, regional, national, and global issues, by being involved in local, state, and federal elections, and seeking to be a voice for environmental conservation and sustainability here at Tennessee Tech.
  Student Fisheries Association Dr. Brad Cook DE 5063 An organization with the hope of uniting students interested in the fisheries profession.
View Video Student Members of the American Chemical Society Dr. Amanda Carroll DE 5055 To provide students in chemistry and related fields the opportunity to present and discuss research and technical material before professional and student audiences, network with professionals, improve teaching and learning capabilities, and develop personal and professional skills relevant to the field.
  Student Nurses Association Dr. Tammy Howard DE 5001 An organization that mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.
  Student Tennessee Education Association Dr. James Akenson DE 5042 To interest capable young men and women in education as a lifelong career, to develop among students preparing to be teachers an understanding of the teaching profession through professional associations.
  Student Veteran's Organization (SVO) Mary McCaskey SI 5191 To ensure an effective transitioning to student life through any resource available through the organization, institution, and Veteran Affairs. The SVO will provide a fellowship of like-minded individuals in order to create a network of students and successful alumni focused on professional and leadership development.
  Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Dr. Jeannette Luna Dr. Mary Kidd SI 5112 A chapter of the national organization, the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at TN Tech (SEDS TN Tech) provides opportunities for students interested in space exploration - either as a casual interest or a career goal! We participate in engineering competitions, attend national space conferences, and share our passion about space exploration with each other and our community. 
  Studio 185 Dr. David Gallop DE 5085 Allow an outlet for design projects to gain professional experience, will also help foster a sense of community for the new program in Design at Tennessee Tech.
  Swim Club Mack Lunn SP 5103 To promote fitness, camaraderie, and competition for college students through swimming.
View Video Swing Dance Club Dr. Steph Jorgensen SI 5013 An organization that practices and promotes swing dancing.
View Video Table Tennis Club Spencer Ryan SP 5107 To promote knowledge and interest of table tennis throughout the campus so that all people are welcome to learn, practice, and play in the club.
  Tau Alpha Pi Dr. Duckbong Kim HO 5003 To provide deserved recognition for outstanding achievement by technology students, to further encourage the high standards of scholastic endeavor of the students in the several technology curricula.
  Tau Beta Pi  Dr. JW Bruce DE 5004 An engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession as the nation's second-oldest honor society. 
  Tau Kappa Epsilon Dr. Mark Groundland GR 5061 An international social organization for men.
  T.E.A.M. Dr. Chester Goad SI 5091 To promote advocacy, education, and practical activities related to accessibility that leads to implementation or improvement of accessibility in three primary areas; digital accessibility, physical accessibility, and academic accessibility.
  Tech Players Dr. Mark Creter SI 5053 To stimulate interest in dramatic activities, to provide a cultural advantage of a student oriented drama society. 
  The Evergreen Society Dr. Tammy Boles SI  5152 To provide students in the School of Environmental and Sustainability Studies, as well as any other students that have a special interest in environmental issues, a forum in which to educate themselves and others about contemporary environmental concerns. To promote environmental sustainability within the Tech community.
  The Running Club Dr. Michael Phillips SI 5043 To provide Tennessee Tech students with running opportunities including regularly scheduled runs, exploration of trails and running locations, improvement of running abilities, updates of local and regional races and inclusion and camaraderie of a recognized running team.
  Theta Tau Carlos Galindo DE 5112 A professional co-ed engineering fraternity. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship.
  Trombones at Tech Dr. Joshua Hauser DE 5045 An organization for those students who excel as musicians specifically those who play the trombone.
  Trumpet Guild Dr. Scott Hagarty DE 5045 To promote the trumpet through activities such as sponsorship of concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and guest artists. To sponsor trips by members to attend workshops, festivals and similar activities. 
  Tubist Universal Brotherhood Association (TUBA) Dr. Winston Morris DE 5045 An international organization comprised of performers, teachers, students, and other interested parties who desire to promote the literature, pedagogy, and performance of the euphonium and tuba.
  Turning Point USA Andrew Donadio SI 5001 To educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets and capitalism through innovative campus activism and nonpartisan thought-provoking discussion.
  Ultimate Frisbee Club Leslie Fralix SP 5107 To provide an intercollegiate club sport for the joint university and to represent the university in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.
  Underrepresented New and Creative Live Experiences (UNCLE) Dr. Mark Creter SI  5053 A student organization that wants to promote live entertainment at Tech for the people in Cookeville.
View Video University Christian Student Center (UCSC) Clay Wesley RE  5023 A campus ministry whose mission is to draw closer to God through prayer, devotional time, singing, and study of his word.
  Upper Cumberland Grotto Megan Atkinson DE 5066 A student organization for individuals who like to explore caves.
  VegTTU Dr. Winston Morris SI 5045 To provide students, faculty and staff, who have special interest in plant-based lifestyles, a forum in which to educate themselves and others about veganism, vegetarianism, and other variations of plant-based living. Serve as an awareness group that aims to involve students in activism, education and community service.
  Visual Arts Society Dr. Curtiss Brock DE 5106 An organization that functions as a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to supporting artists and art lovers.
  Water Professionals Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu DE 5015 A professional organization for students interested in or plan to enter water or wastewater industries, the water resources profession, or another related profession.
View Video Wesley Foundation Dr. Steven Frye RE 5063 A United Methodist campus ministry sponsored in full or in part (depending on the congregation) by the United Methodist Church on a non-church owned and operated campus.
  Whovian League Dr. Amanda Carroll SI 5055 To provide students with the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow students that are interested in the television program "Doctor Who."
  WiCyS Student Chapter Dr. Ambareen Siraj DE 5125 To raise computer and information security consciousness and proficiency of students in using, designing, developing and operating computing technology. To encourage more women to participate in departmental activities. To increase awareness of security, careers and opportunities for female students. To help female members network with peers and security professionals.
  Wildlife Society  Dr. Steven Hayslette DE 5063 An international, non-profit scientific and educational organization serving and representing wildlife professionals in all areas of wildlife conservation and resource management.
  Young Americans for Liberty Dr. Lauren Harding SI 5052 To research, study, inform and educate the public concerning policy issues. To assist in the recruitment and training of students as preparation for future service as leaders in the local community, state and nation. To hold and host regular meetings, forums, lectures, films, conferences, debates, rallies, protest or other such events to promote the ideals of the organization.
  Young Life Angie Clark RE 5057 Mission community of Christ-centered people committed to teaching adolescent youth.


Student Activities