Student Organization Officers Guide

Thank you for serving as an officer of a Student Organization at Tennessee Tech. Student Organizations provide thousands of Tech students with unique opportunities to develop social and professional networks, gain skills, and more. You and hundreds of other student officers provide an invaluable contribution to the campus community, and to what it means to be a student at Tech. The Center for Student Engagement is committed to ensuring that all student organizations can thrive at Tech and that all student officers receive the support they need to lead their organizations and gain valuable knowledge and skills in the process.  

This Student Organization Officers Guide provides the information that you need to lead your organization effectively and maximize University resources. 


Dates and Timelines

Student Organization Benefits and Resources

Student Organization Policy

Registering a New Student Organization

Annual Re-Registration Process

Student Organization Constitutions

Student Organization Advisors

Student Organization Events

Finances and Funding

Advertising and Promotion

Student Organization Shared Mailboxes (Email)

Using Eagle Engage

Inclusion & Accessibility

Running an Effective Meeting

Meeting Procedures (Parliamentary Procedure)


Recruitment and Retention

Accountability and Constructive Feedback

Officer Transitions


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