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Applications for Fall 2023 admission to Honors are now closed. Our application for 2024 admission to Honors will be posted in September. Thank you!

If you wish to apply as a transfer or as a currently enrolled Tech student: In October, the 2024 version of the continuing students application will be posted in the Transfer and Continuing Students section under "For Prospective Students" on the menu at left. 


Hon Big Sibs

What's the value of Honors at Tennessee Tech?

According to our recent graduates:


Small, interactive classes with other Honors students and Tech faculty who value innovation and questioning.

"By the end of each class, I walked away with a new perspective on both myself and others."--Daniel Summers, Computer Engineering, in cursu honorum '22

Research and in-depth creative projects with professors and peers who value intellectual exploration.

"The Honors Program has given me...opportunities that not only have changed my perception of research but have given me an appreciation and passion for research...I am now interested in eventually pursuing a career in research in nursing."--Alexa Brugere, Nursing, in cursu honorum '22





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Experiential Learning, including opportunities to earn Honors credit through study abroad semesters, selective internships, faculty-mentored research in your major, and substantial civic engagement.                                                                  

"I took on an Honors Experiential Learning opportunity through a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) during the summer after my freshman year. I feel as if this experience was one of the most transitional moments of my college career, and it has provided me with unending benefits long after its conclusion."

--Katrina Eccles, Electrical Engineering, in cursu honorum '19




Finding Your Own Leadership Path, and finding out where it can lead you in surprising ways.

"I think the most important thing I have learned is how leadership is really about serving. Many people believe that as a leader you get to do anything you want, but the reality is that you are in that position to serve the group you are leading."

--Livia James, Psychology, in cursu honorum '22




Tailored advising with Honors departmental liaisons, our staff, and experienced student peer mentors trained to help you develop your own personal combination of interests and goals.

"Prior to this course [Honors Contract in Geology for Engineers] I felt that I was a Spanish student on the days I took Spanish courses and a Civil Engineering student on the remaining days. I had difficulty reconciling these two identities and I felt they were not compatible. But this experience was the beginning of me realizing how
valuable it is to be a bilingual civil engineer."--
Maci Arms, Civil Engineering and Spanish, in cursu honorum '21



The Associated Scholars Guild (ASG), your Honors student organization for engagement in service and social leadership by and for Honors scholars.

"My role as the co-chair of ASG Service Committee stretched my creativity, connected me with community members and organizations, provided a platform to engage with peers of many fields of study and backgrounds, and encouraged me to develop important administrative skills including role delegation."

--Kaitlyn Springer, Pre-Occupational Therapy, in cursu honorum '21

Honors Housing, with meeting spaces, seminar rooms, Honors-focused programming, study rooms, and a learning community of Honors residents.


NCHC trip
A life-changing educational environment in which you can travel to Honors conferences, deepen in your understanding of service, network with Honors alumni, enjoy early registration, meet new friends and organize activities in the Honors Lounge, prepare for nationally competitive fellowships and top grad schools.

"I learned...new ways to apply myself in learning, how to communicate and develop relationships with my professors, and how to function in a team-learning environment. Honors...challenged my patterns of thought and reasoning, and taught me to ask questions about everything in life, rather than just accepting things as they are."--Johnathan Cate, Business Management, in cursu honorum '19



An extraordinary community of supportive peers with diverse majors, ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives.

"The Honors Program is the common thread which runs through my most cherished friendships, strongest relationships with professors, and most impactful academic experiences."--Calista Psichopaidas, Pre-Physical Therapy, in cursu honorum '21

"Honors is exactly what you make it to be."

--Austin Estes, Mechanical Engineering, in cursu honorum '19

Think and think again with Tech Honors.

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