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Centers and Facilities

The on-campus Centers are important tools in bringing together cooperating interdisciplinary research teams of faculty and students from various departments, schools and research units. Each Center strives to use present education resources to achieve excellence; to support economic development in the state; to enhance the intellectual, cultural and social climate for Tennessee citizens; to use external sources to improve research; and to attract nationally and internationally recognized faculty to Tennessee institutions.

» Core Facilities
The core facilities section includes information on the university's labs available for faculty and student research.

» Appalachian Center for Craft

Through Tennessee Tech's School of Art, Craft and Design, the Appalachian Center for Craft promotes excellence in American craft through tradition and innovation in technique, concept and design.

» Center for Assessment and Improvement of Learning

The Center for Assessment and Improvement of Learning focuses on the administration of the Critical-thinking Assessment Test (CAT), which was developed to assess a broad range of skills that faculty nationwide feel are important components of critical thinking and real-world problem solving.

» Center for Energy Systems Research

The Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR) focuses on providing solutions to problems faced by energy producers and consumers, and research on renewable energy, smart grid power systems, power electronics, among others.

  • Service Rate - Solar Survey Service is $3,000 per survey.

» Center for Manufacturing Research

The Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR) focuses on three research areas:  advanced manufacturing, materials for energy storage and conversion, and networking and algorithm for big data.

View service rate for Center for Manufacturing Research (PDF)

» Center for the Management, Utilization & Protection of Water Resources

The Center for the Management, Utilization & Protection of Water Resources (Water Center) focuses on research in aggregate analysis, biodiversity and ecology, modeling analysis and simulation, water security and sustainability, and the water-energy-food-nexus.

View the service rates for the Water Center (PDF)

» Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center

The Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center (CEROC) integrates university-wide existing activities and initiatives in cybersecurity education, research and outreach toward finding solutions to security and privacy problems in cyberspace.

» iCube

The iCube provides a place for students and faculty to imagine, inspire and innovate, using immersive reality technologies in a three-dimensional environment.

View the service rates for iCube (PDF)

» iMakerSpace

The iMakerSpace provides interdisciplinary training, service, partnership, and opportunities in research and evaluation through innovation and entrepreneurship.

» Industrial Assessment Center

The Tennessee 3-Star Industrial Assessment Center located at Tennessee Tech promotes industrial energy efficiency in manufacturing through conducting no-cost, onsite energy efficiency assessments and graduating engineering students with professional skill sets and a solid background in energy and resource efficiency. 

» Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Center

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Center offers an innovative facility in support of a campus-wide initiative to enhance existing STEM education models and develop new educational strategies in STEM-related fields.

View the service rates for STEM Center (PDF)

» Tennessee Center for Rural Innovation

The Tennessee Center for Rural Innovation (TCRI) was developed to create companies and build economic development through manufacturing, health care, information technology, agriculture and tourism sectors to reduce poverty levels and increase prosperity throughout these rural regions.

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