The iMakerSpace was established as a university-wide student-centered space 3D printed skelton photounder the leadership of the Colleges of Engineering and Business. The iMakerSpace serves as a focal point on campus to provide training, service, partnership, research and evaluation in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) to all disciplines. iMakerSpace encourages interdisciplinary teams and provides support and training to extend I&E activities into research and the classroom.

Resources and Services for I&E
The iMakerSpace is a collaborative space with fabrication, multipurpose lecture area and collaborative team spaces. The college of engineering and university focus curricular impact in I&E through the iMakerSpace.

  • Student competitions in innovation and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Support manufacturing, testing, and building representative prototypes.
  • Workshops on startup opportunities,
  • Courses in business development and startups, including new offering of the Lean Launchpad.
  • Supporting team projects through the local Launch TN site and the Biz Foundry.
  • Professional development in innovation and entrepreneurship.

iMakerSpace Attributes
Goal: Create a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tech

  • Centrally located on campus and accessible to all Tech students and faculty
  • Serves as a campus focal point for Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs and activities in all disciplines
  • An environment to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into courses
  • Easy to use manufacturing tools and machines
  • Ease of use with emphasize on safety training during open hours of the library
  • Supported by College of Engineering, College of Business and the university administration

Faculty and Staff Supporting iMakerSpace and I&E

  • Hunter Hinshaw, Mechanical Engineering
  • Connor Welcome, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
  • Steve Canfield, Mechanical Engineering
  • Terry Guo, Center for Manufacturing Research
  • Michael Aikens, College of Business
  • Ismail Fidan, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
  • Joe Biernacki, Chemical Engineering
  • Holly Stretz, Chemical Engineering
  • Vahid Motevalli, College of Engineering
  • Mohan Rao, Mechanical Engineering

Pathways to Innovation Program (PIP) Team
Venture Well University Innovation Fellows (UIFs)Enis Cirak, cohort, Chemical Engineering
Tech efforts started with the College of Engineering being selected as a part of the first cohort of the PIP in January 2014.

  • Enis Cirak, cohort, Chemical Engineering
  • Abigail Collins, cohort, Biomolecular Engineering
  • Jonathan Abbotoy, 2015 cohort, Accounting and Finance
  • Jacqueline Schulz, cohort, Whitson-Hester School of NursingFirst cohort of the PIP in January 2014 group photo
  • Ashlin Wildun, 2016 cohort, Finance
  • Nicholas Russell, 2016 cohort, Mechanical Engineering
  • Justin Medley, 2017 cohort, College of Graduate Studies
  • Timpson, 2017 cohort, College of Business
  • Shelby Williams, 2017 cohort, Whitson-Hester School of Nursing
  • Alicen Long, 2017 cohort, College of Arts and
  • Sciences and College of Business

Making and Innovating
students working on robot motorEngineering Designs
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Student Professional Development Conference design team (SPDC), and the Society for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) all utilize the meeting room and prototyping technologies offered at the iMakerSpace to learn design techniques and to fabricate international award-winning designs for real-world challenges.

EagleWorks- Entrepreneurship Mindsetstudents working ov 3D printed projects

Participated teams will utilize the iMakerSpace for collaborative brainstorming and prototyping activities. Teams will be provided seminars, innovation events, and mentorship support as they complete their projects

Supporting NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program

Manufacturing and Techno-Entrepreneurship REU students used iMakerSpace to complete their projects in summer 2016. Shown on the right are one REU team working on a InnoDino project

Internet of Things Platform for Engineering Education and Research (IoT PEER)

IoT PEER is an IoT testbed dedicated for collaborative innovation, interdisciplinary research, technology exploration and education. This important facility was missing on Tech campus and it has been under developing since summer 2016, thanks to the support from the college of engineering via iMakerSpace.

Learning by Doing

Learning by exploring
Learning by creating
Learning by playing
Self-regulated learning
Personalized learning
Peer-to-peer collaboration

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

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