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Digital 3D Print Submission Form


  • Automatic Queuing
  • Staff Feedback and Support
  • Email Correspondence


  • iMakerTrack is only available for academic prints - e.g. capstone, research, class projects
  • Personal prints will be rejected from the queue, come visit us to start a personal print
  • Incomplete submission forms will be denied
  • No firearm/weapon related prints are allowed

COVID-19 Alternative Delivery:

  • All prints are to be done through iMakerTrack
  • Upon receipt of the "pick-up" email, students may come to the library during open hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00-7:00)
  • Your print will be left outside the iMakerSpace door to limit social contact
  • Your print will have been handled with gloves and disinfected with 70% ethanol

Please be aware that the iMakerSpace has partnered with the Office of the Dean to produce 3D printed headbands for Cookeville Regional Medical Center.  Thus, student print submissions may take a bit longer than usual as we accommodate production for our local medical workers.  Your understanding is appreciated.

Submit A 3D Print

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