iMakerSpace Services

Who can use the iMakerSpace equipment?

ANY Tennessee Tech student, faculty, or staff member is welcome and encouraged to utilize the iMakerSpace and it's equipment.

When can I access the iMakerSpace?

The iMakerSpace is open Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:00.  During this time, anybody can enter the iMakerSpace.  Our helpful staff will be here to answer your questions, teach you how to use our equipment, and assist you with your projects.


The iMakerSpace is not staffed after 4:00 or on weekends.  To access the iMakerSpace during these times, we require Maker Member status.  Maker Members can access the iMakerSpace by Eagle Card swipe any time the library is open.  To register as a Maker Member, click here.

What equipment does the iMakerSpace offer?

  • 7 FFF 3D Printers
  • 2 SLA 3D Printers
  • 4 Desktop Design Computers
  • Instruction Station with Laptop Hook-up
  • Electronics and Soldering Station
  • CNC Machine, Mill, Lathe, Drill Press, Table Saw
  • Hand Drill, Dremel Tool, Various Hand Tools

What if I don't attend or work for Tennessee Tech?

If you are an individual or company that is looking to partner with the iMakerSpace, please contact us here.

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