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Research Toolkit

  • The research toolkit provides samples and templates for common proposal components, as well as information on the core facilities available at Tennessee Tech.  This page is a work in progress, so please let us know if you think of something to be added. 


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DOE and NIH Biosketches

  • DOE Biosketch Template
  • NIH announced Biographical Sketch and Other Support form changes, effective May 25, 2021.  
    Summary of changes:
    Biosketches (Biosketch resources)
    1.  Section B, Positions and Honors, has been renamed Positions, Scientific Appointments, and Honors.  Entries should be in reverse chronological order.
    2.  Non-fellowship Biosketch: Section D has been removed.
    3.  Fellowship Biosketch: Section D has been updated to simply say Scholastic Performance.
    4.  Ongoing and completed research projects now goes in the part A. Personal Statement. NIH has provided a sample biosketch (Word document).
    Other Support (usually for part of the JIT document requirement)
    1.  Funding and in-kind support are now separate
    2.  Each PD/PI or senior/key personnel must electronically sign their Other Support section as a PDF prior to submission
    3.  Undisclosed Other Support must be immediately reported.
    4.  Copies "of contracts, grants or any other agreement specific to senior/key personnel foreign appointments and/or employment with a foreign institution as supporting documentation. If they are not in English, recipients must provide translated copies."

 Blueprint for Pre-Award Assistance

 Budgets and Budget Justifications

 Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources

 Data Management Plan   

Goals and Objectives

 Letters of Commitment

 NSF Checklists and FAQs

 Proposal Preparation


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