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Research & Economic Development serves as a focal point for matters relating to research and similar scholarly activities. In its mission, the ORED helps faculty identify funding opportunities and develop research proposals by providing information on support sources and background information. The ORED staff also reviews and approves proposals before submission to funding agencies, prepares and negotiates contracts, and executes awarded contracts. The ORED, working in conjunction with Grant Accounting, then ensures that awards and contracts are compliant with federal, state, sponsor, and Tennessee Tech regulations, terms and conditions. To further help faculty reach their research goals, the staff also conducts seminars and workshops on proposal writing and funding sources and assists with intellectual property matters such as patents and copyrights. 


Research & Economic Development provides support and assistance to administrators, faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to secure external funding for research and scholarly activities. ORED reviews, negotiates, approves, and provides administrative oversight of proposals and awards in compliance with applicable laws, policies, and regulations. Additionally, ORED facilitates the protection and commercialization of intellectual property developed by Tennessee Tech University, and supports activities that promote economic development.


Tennessee Tech will emerge as a prominent technological university for research with national impact.

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