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Process of Application Review

Process of Application Review for Use of Laboratory Animals in Experimentation
If laboratory animals are to be used in any type of research performance/ training (sponsored or non-sponsored), activities must be in compliance with federal and University policies. The stepwise procedure is as follows:

  1. Obtain an application from your departmental office or the Office of Research. Read it carefully and fill it out. (Please type or print.) Applications are also available here.
  2. The completed application for approval to use laboratory animals in experimentation is to be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) or Activity Director (AD) to the Office of Research, Derryberry Hall, Room 306. The original and seven (7) copies are to be submitted.
  3. A quorum of committee members will be notified and allowed seven (7) working days after notification to inspect the application and act upon it, either in the Office of Research or via mail.
  4. The action of the committee will be sent in writing to the PI or AD.
  5. If the application is given unconditional approval, in addition to the committee notifying the PI or AD in writing, a memorandum will be sent to the funding agency, if appropriate, letting them know of the approval.
  6. If an application is given conditional approval, the committee will notify the PI or AD in writing stating clearly what the conditions are. The PI or AD will be given a time limit for meeting or removing the conditions and returning written verification that the conditions have been met or removed.
  7. If conditions required for approval necessitate full committee review, the chair will call a special meeting to resolve the issue unless it coincides with a regular meeting of the committee. This process will extend the time required for approval by at least five (5) working days. The committee will then send notification as described in Items 4, 5, and 6.
  8. Full approval of the committee must be obtained before the proposed use of animals is permitted to begin.
  9. Applicants should allow ten (10) working days for the process of application review to take place and be notified.
  10. It is the prerogative of the committee to (a) approve the application as presented or unconditionally, (b) approve the application with stipulations or conditionally, or (c) disapprove the application completely.

General Statement

  • If an applicant wishes to discuss any part of the process or is unhappy about the committee's decision, the committee stands ready and willing for dialogue and understanding. Call the Office of Research (372-3374) for an appointment with the committee or committee representative or member.

For further information about the requirements and procedures for animal care and use in experimentation, contact Research and Economic Development.


Forms for Animal Care and Use issues must be returned to the Research and Economic Development in Derryberry Hall 305.


Tennessee Tech University subscribes to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) as means of providing training in animal care and use.  The courses you take depend on your role in research.  The following are the available modules related to animal research:

Laboratory Animal Research
PIs and Faculty Researchers
Graduate and Undergraduate Student Researchers
Animal Technicians and Lab Workers
Institutional Officials
Research Administrators and Staff
IACUC Members and Staff
IACUC Community Members

Electives (species specific)
Frogs, Toads or other Amphibians
Mice Family:  Muridae Cricetidae
Rats Genus:  Rattus


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