Center for Energy Systems Research

Center for Energy Systems Research

CESR is happy to announce the largest grant in Tennessee Tech history!  

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The Center for Energy Systems Research is an Accomplished Center of Excellence at Tennessee Technological University. The Center is funded by the State of Tennessee and research grants from various federal and state agencies and the private sector. This is an interdisciplinary center engaged in research on various problems relating to energy and infrastructure. Faculty members from various academic departments including Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical and Bio Molecular Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering. Faculty and students perform research on solar energy, energy storage, smart grid power systems, power electronics, wind energy, distributed power plant performance improvement, cement, concrete, bridge and structure health monitoring, flood flow modeling, advanced communications and cyber security. Graduate students and visiting scholars from around the world work on these projects. The major objectives of the center is to provide solutions to problems faced by energy producers and consumers, to expand opportunities for advanced training in these fields to Tennessee students, and to provide trained man power to solve present and future problems of the energy industry. More detailed information on these matters is provided throughout this site.

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