Student Organization Officers Guide

Officer Transitions


Student organizations transition leadership much more frequently than most corporate, government, or community organizations. As a result, transitions are vital to the organization’s success and stability.

Successful transitions...

  • Equip new officers with the tools and knowledge that they need to succeed.
  • Build leadership teams and foster trust in the organization’s leaders.
  • Maintain progress toward organizational goals and capitalize on recent accomplishments.
  • Provide an opportunity for outgoing officers to reflect on their experiences in support of their future leadership and career endeavors.


Officer Transition Workshops

The Center for Student Engagement hosts two Transition Workshops in the spring semester:

Successful Transitions – February 6, 2024 – 5:30pm – Register Via Eagle Engage »
This workshop is designed for current officers and advisors and will cover a wide range of transition best practices, including officer elections, transition documents, transition meetings, and more.

Looking Ahead – April 16, 2024 – 5:30pm – Register Via Eagle Engage »
This workshop is for new or prospective officers and will focus on successfully wrapping up the spring semester, beginning the Re-Registration process, and preparing for the fall semester. Outgoing officers are encouraged to attend to share insights and recommendations with the incoming officers.


Officer Transition Tools

Outgoing Officer Checklist

This set of tasks is designed to help outgoing officers finish strong and leave a legacy of service to the organization. Officers should consult with their advisor(s) to identify other transition tasks unique to your organization.

Outgoing Officer Checklist (DOCX) »


Outgoing Officer Reflection Worksheet

Complete this worksheet prior to the Transition Meeting and review your notes with the incoming officer(s). This worksheet will also help you identify and articulate connections between your officer experience and your career and leadership development.

Outgoing Officer Reflection Worksheet (DOCX) »


Outgoing Executive Board Transition Worksheet

Executive Boards should complete this worksheet together prior to the Transition Meeting.

Outgoing Executive Board Transition Worksheet (DOCX) »


Incoming Officer Checklist

Taking on a new officer role can be overwhelming. This checklist provides a clear set of tasks that will support a successful transition into your role. Work with your advisor(s) and outgoing officers to learn whether there are other transition tasks unique to your organization.

Incoming Officer Checklist (DOCX) »


Incoming Officer Goals Worksheet

Whether you are returning to the same officer position, taking on a new officer role, or starting your first term as an officer, this worksheet will help you think through various aspects of the position and prepare for a gratifying and constructive experience. Complete this worksheet prior to the Transition Meeting and be prepared to discuss it with your predecessor and advisor(s).

Incoming Officer Goals Worksheet (DOCX) »


Sample Transition Meeting Agenda

Organizations should schedule opportunities for outgoing and incoming officers to meet as a group, and one-on-one by position. While this sample agenda includes recommended topics for discussion, each organization should tailor the agenda to meet its needs.

Sample Transition Meeting Agenda (PDF) »


New Executive Board Planning Worksheet

This worksheet is designed for the newly elected/appointed officers to reflect on the organization’s current state and craft a shared vision for the year ahead. We recommend completing this worksheet together after the Transition Meeting.

New Executive Board Planning Worksheet (DOCX) »


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