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Event Registration and Facility Reservations

On-Campus reservations must be submitted and approved via CourseDog, the University’s facility reservation system. Access CourseDog using the “CD Public” app in Tech Express. Additional instructions for using CourseDog can be found at

Student Space Reservation Form Registering an Event in Eagle Engage

Most events and activities must also be registered via Eagle Engage. In these cases, the Eagle Engage event registration request must be submitted within 3 days of the CourseDog request to prevent the CourseDog request from being denied.

On-campus events and activities outside of routine meetings must be registered via Eagle Engage. Events and activities that meet any of the following criteria must be registered:

    • Events and activities advertised to the campus
    • Recruitment activities, including interest meetings
    • Equipment, such as inflatable equipment, that participants will be on or in
    • High impact sports activities
    • Alcohol
    • Non-University attendees and/or participants (excludes advisors)
    • Fundraising and/or cash handling
    • Purchase of food by the organization or attendees of more than $300
    • The use of SOLO Funds or other University funds
    • Non-University speakers or performers
    • Presence of minors who are not current Tennessee Tech students
    • Amplified sound
    • Some off-campus activities must be registered as well:
    • Organization-sponsored activities where alcohol will be present
    • Activities funded by university funds

Event registration requests must be approved by the organization’s faculty advisor, and the Center for Student Engagement. For information regarding how to register events in Eagle Engage, please see the Using Eagle Engage section of this guide.


High-Risk Activities

For events held on Tennessee Tech property, the Center for Student Engagement may require the Registered Student Organization to obtain event insurance and a specified number of police/security officers for any event, activity or program.

Features that may require insurance and/or event security include:

    • The use of equipment that attendees will be on or in, such as inflatables
    • Alcohol
    • Large crowds
    • Non-university attendees and/or participants
    • High impact sports activities

These requirements will be determined during the Eagle Engage event registration process.



Minors may only be present at on-campus student organization-sponsored events while a parent or guardian is with the minor for the activity.

For events advertised as “all ages” events, or where the organization anticipates minors to attend, the sponsoring organization must provide notice that minors must be with a parent or guardian and that the parent or guardian is responsible for the minor’s participation in the events or activities.

For on-campus events advertised as “all ages” events, or where the organization anticipates minors to attend, the sponsoring organization must meet with the Center for Student Engagement to review the content of the event. If the event's content is deemed explicit and/or inappropriate for minors, minors will not be permitted to attend, regardless of a parent or guardian. If the event features live performances, including, but not limited to, musical, dance, or dramatic performances, minors will not be permitted to attend, regardless of the presence of a parent or guardian. While not all performances are inherently inappropriate for minors, the unpredictable nature of live performance increases the risk to the organization and the institution. 

If minors are not permitted due to explicit or inappropriate content, or because the event will feature live performances, the organization must promote the event as 18+ or “Tech Students Only” and provide such notice at the event. It is the organization's responsibility to prevent minors from attending events where they are not permitted.

How will the University determine whether the content of the event is explicit and/or inappropriate for minors?

Center for Student Engagement team members will work with organization officers and advisors to determine whether an event’s proposed content is explicit or inappropriate for minors. While some subjectivity may make it difficult to determine the suitability of the content, two frameworks will be considered. First, Tennessee statutes related to illegal explicit activities will be consulted. Second, the ratings system used for motion pictures will be reviewed. For instance, a motion picture may be rated “R” or “NC-17” due to the presence of hard language, violence, sexual content, drugs, or other adult content. The University will generally prohibit the presence of minors at on-campus student organization events with content equivalent to R-rated or NC-17-rated films.

There are many constructive reasons to allow minors to attend student organization-sponsored events on campus, and most proposed activities will be appropriate for all ages. However, student officers and the University assume increased liability and responsibility when minors are involved. As such, the institution will err on the side of caution when electing to permit minors to attend student organization-sponsored events and activities.

*Minors in this context refers only to those individuals under the age of 18 who are not current Tennessee Tech students. Enrolled students under 18 are permitted at events sponsored by Tennessee Tech and registered student organizations.


Co-Sponsored Events

Co-sponsored events are defined as activities sponsored jointly by two or more organizations. Sponsorship may be inferred by an organization’s name and/or logo in promotional materials, authority for event planning decision-making and implementation, and/or organization funds and resources. Guest speakers, beneficiaries of philanthropic fundraising efforts, or affiliated national organizations’ presence at an event does not necessarily constitute sponsorship.

    • Each student organization is limited to two on-campus events co-sponsored with non-University groups each fall and spring semester.
    • Student organizations may not co-sponsor more than one on-campus event with the same non-University group each semester.
    • Restrictions related to non-University co-sponsorships are intended to reduce ambiguity regarding the Affiliated Use (121) and Rental of Tennessee Tech Facilities (122) policies.


Amplified Sound

Amplified sound (the use of speakers or other public address equipment for music or speech) is permitted on campus during the following times:

    • Monday through Friday - 4:30pm-12:00am
    • Tuesday – 11:00am-12:00pm
    • Thursday – 11:00am-12:00pm
    • Saturday & Sunday – 6:00am-12:00am



Food purchases by the organization for on-campus events must comply with the University’s Dining Services contract.

For events with food expenses less than $500, organizations may purchase food from off-campus restaurants and retailers.

If food expenses exceed $500, the organization must utilize Dining Services.

All food provided to event attendees should be from a licensed food vendor.


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