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Offering the Finest Theatre in the Upper Cumberland for Over Sixty Years!

Over sixty years, thousands of actors and technicians have contributed to hundreds of productions from playwrights ranging from Sophocles and Shakespeare to Ensler and Kushner, and the Backdoor Playhouse is still considered by many to be the best kept secret on the Tech campus. I guarantee that we are a secret worth discovering. 

About the Backdoor Playhouse

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As a community of faculty, staff, volunteers and students, we are committed to theater education that combines art and scholarship. We seek to foster creativity, critical thinking, excellence, and professionalism through the integration of courses, productions, workshops, and other activities. We seek to understand theatre not only as a means of artistic expression and a form of entertainment but as a window into history, a way to examine the question of what it means to be human, and a vehicle for social change.

 We invite you to join us in this mission. The English major with a theatre concentration combines drama study and theatre training in a comprehensive curriculum in a liberal arts tradition. The performance and production program offers opportunities for majors and non-majors alike to gain valuable skills and memorable experiences working onstage or backstage. For more information about our program, contact the artistic director, look around this website, or just stop by the Tennessee Tech Backdoor Playhouse and say hello.

Mark Harry Creter, Artistic Director (1992-present)


Backdoor Playhouse, 1975. Musical Comedy Week. 

Bdph 2001

Backdoor Playhouse, 2001. 

BDPH 2017

Backdoor Playhouse, 2017. 

New BDPH season

Backdoor Playhouse on the campus of TN Tech University, 2021.

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