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Physics at Tennessee Tech

Curious about how the universe around us works? If so, then Physics is for you because it is the study of the laws of nature that apply from the smallest atom to the largest celestial bodies.

TTU's Physics Department is regarded as one of the strongest across the nation. Here you can follow two different paths in earning your BS degree. The first path is for those who wish to pursue graduate degrees and careers in research in physics or closely related fields. The second path is for those who wish to find immediate employment or pursue research in another technical field. Whichever path you follow, the rigorous program will expose you to ideas about the smallest sub-atomic particles to the entire universe.

In Memoriam
Dr David Murdock
(1955 - 2013)

The staff of nine faculty (all Ph.D physicists), a department secretary, and an equipment technician makes for a family atmosphere in the department. With 1-on-1 advising from a faculty member and frequent interaction with all in the department, you will receive close personal attention throughout your time as a physics major.

The department faculty have active externally-funded research programs in various areas of nuclear and fundamental physics, as well as physics education. We were one of the first departments nationwide to offer undergraduates the chance to work with faculty on their research and continue to do so. Such opportunities and high-quality instruction both in and out of the classroom prepares you for success after college.