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Financial Aid

2021 Fall and 2022 Spring

ADDITIONAL Loan Request Form

Submit this form ONLY if you have already received an initial award email for 2021-2022

There are two types of Federal Direct Stafford Loans that a student may qualify for:

1) Federal Direct Subsidized Loan - Eligibility for this loan is based on the income and asset information you provided to us through your FAFSA. If you are eligible for this type of loan, no interest accrues on this loan as long as you are enrolled for at least 6 semester hours. Repayment begins after you leave school or fall below half-time enrollment once your 6-month grace period has been exhausted. Graduate students are not eligible.

2) Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan - Based on the results of your FAFSA, if you are not eligible for a subsidized loan you will be considered eligible for an unsubsidized loan. This type of loan is different from the subsidized loan in that you are responsible for the interest as it accrues while you are in school. However, you may defer payment of both interest and principle until you leave school or fall below half-time enrollment.

Maximum Federal Borrowing Limits
**** Please take note of the following maximum federal borrowing limits for each class level and student status. These limits are effective for the 12-month academic year beginning Fall Semester, and continuing through Spring Semester and Summer Semester. If you borrow the full yearly amount during fall and spring, then attend in the summer, you will not have any federal loan funds left over.  Loan funds are awarded separately for summer for those students who attend.  A Summer Aid Request Form goes online on the Financial Aid website shortly after spring break of each academic year.

  Base Additional Unsub for DEP Additional Unsub for INDEP
Freshman (less than 30 earned hours) 3,500 2,000 6,000
Sophomore (earned between 30-59 hours) 4,500 2,000 6,000
Junior or Senior (earned 60 hours or more) 5,500 2,000 7,000
Graduate 8,500 N/A 12,000


Our office initially offers the BASE loan for your grade level at the time the awards are made.  By submitting this form, you are requesting that your BASE loan be increased or reinstated, if eligible, and the funds be added to your student account.  This form is an automatic acceptance of the additional funds as indicated and can only be cancelled or reduced with a written request from the student or a detailed email from your Tennessee Tech email account.  However, if you receive additional awards or stop attending class after the acceptance of any portion of your loan, our office has the right to reduce the loan according to federal regulations for need-based aid and the student’s total cost of attendance ( for the academic year.

The Financial Aid Office strongly recommends that you visit the following links: Create an account and complete the online Financial Literacy modules at 

Review your borrowing history at  

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