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Jeff Schaeffer 


from new director Dr.  Jeff Schaeffer (read more about him here)

The Center for the Management, Utilization and Protection of Water Resources -- or Water Center, to put it simply -- is one of three Centers of Excellence on campus involved in groundbreaking research to make our world better now and in the future.  Of the three, though, we're the only ones focused on the intricate and exciting world of water resources. 

Our talented, interdisciplinary faculty and staff focus their research on biodiversity and ecology, modeling analysis and simulation, water security and sustainability, and the water-energy-food nexus connections.  Our goal is to become the best State-focused Water Center in the nation, with research that meets the needs of Tennessee partners and stakeholders who work to achieve water conservation and sustainability.   

Welcome to the Water Center, and join us as we introduce you to all the interesting things that the world of water research holds.  

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