Modeling Analysis and Simulation


Research Focus Area Leader: Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Current research in this area is focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) applications, modeling and simulation in watershed sciences, computational hydrology and water resources engineering. Currently, researchers from various disciplines including water resources and environmental engineering, biology, agriculture and computer sciences are active in this research focus area of enabling technologies and tools.


Gathering streamflow information during flooding events is essential to many aspects of watershed management; however, data collection can be very dangerous.  Key flood measurements for water and wildlife managers, as well as emergency first responders, are measures of flood magnitudes that exceed the riverbanks and flow into the adjoining floodplains.  Unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly known as drones) are becoming more available and less expensive.  People have been using drones for various recreational activities, and some have recently started using these for research purposes.  In this project, researchers from Tennessee Tech's Water Center and Penn State University are investigating the use of drones in measuring streamflow in rivers and streams, so that streamflow during floods can be measured at a lower risk.  The initial tests were conducted on measuring streamflow along the Cumberland, Caney Fork and Obion rivers, in middle and western Tennessee. 

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  • Awards and Recognition

    • Environmental engineering Associate Professor Alfred Kalyanapu and Assistant Professor Tania Datta were referenced in  a Herald-Citizen article titled "Improving Safety at Cummins Falls," published August 6, 2017 (,22690). Datta also earned the 2017 Tennessee Tech University Distinguished Service Learning Award for extraordinary contributions by a faculty member in the area of service learning and was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Outstanding Faculty Award for Professional Service sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care. 
    • John Thomas Brackins, civil engineering student advised by Dr. Kalyanapu, was selected to participate in the National Water Center Innovators Program Summer Institute of 2018.  The Summer Institute provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with national leaders in hydrology, modeling, and decision support, and with top graduate students in the field. 

  • Projects

    • Proof-of-Concept GIS-Based Vegetated Swale Algorithm for TDOT Highways (GV-SwATH)
      A. Kalyanapu/Ensafe Inc. Funded by Tennessee Department of Transportation

  • Publications/Presentations

    Journal Articles (Fiscal Year 2017-2018)

    • Ahmadisharaf, E.A., A.J. Kalyanapu, and E.-S. Chung. 2017. "Sustainability-Based Flood Hazard Mapping of the Swannanoa River Watershed," Sustainability, 9, 1735, doi:10.3390/su910735.
    • Bhuyian, Md.N.M., A.J. Kalyanapu, and F. Hossain. 2017. "Evaluating Conveyance-Based DEM Correction Technique on NED and SRTM DEMs for Flood Impact Assessment of the 2010 Cumberland River Flood," Geosciences, 7, 132, doi:10.3390/geosciences7040132.
    • Marshall, R., S.K. Ghafoor, A.J. Kalyanapu, M. Rogers, and T.T. Dullo. 2017. "Performance Improvement of a Two-Dimensional Flood Simulation Application in Hybrid Computing Environments," Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Computing and Networking (CANDAR 17), November 19-22, 2017, Aomori, Japan.

    Presentations (Fiscal Year 2017-2018)

    • Allen, S., C. Guy-Baker, T. Datta, and A.J. Kalyanapu. "Developing a Web-Based Geodatabase for Data Sharing and Collaboration within the Falling Water River Watershed," presented at the 27th Tennessee Water Resources Symposium, Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee, April 2018.
    • Allen, S., C. Guy-Baker, T. Datta, and A.J. Kalyanapu. "Web-Based Geodatabase for the Characterization and Management of a Karst Watershed," presented at the 27th Tennessee Water Resources Symposium, Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee, April 2018.
    • Brackins, J.T., A.J. Davis, S.E. Wilson, and A.J. Kalyanapu. "Development of a Hydrologic Modeling System for the Dry Valley Catchment, Putnam County, Tennessee," presented at the 26th Tennessee Water Resources Symposium of the Tennessee Chapter of the American Water Resources Association, Nashville, Tennessee, April 11-13, 2018.
    • Dullo, T., S. Gangrade, R. Marshall, S.R. Islam, S. Ghafoor, S.-C. Kao, and A.J. Kalyanapu. "A Large-Scale Simulation of Climate Change Effects on Flood Regime--A Case Study for the Alabama--Coose--Tallapoosa River Basin," presented at the 2016 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 12-16, 2017, San Francisco, California.
    • Guy-Baker, C., T. Datta, and A.J. Kalyanapu. "Toward Development of a Systematic Framework and Watershed Quality Index Tool for Karst Watershed Management," presented at the 27th Tennessee Water Resources Symposium, Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee, April 2018.
    • Kalyanapu, A.J. "Tennessee Tech's Water Resources Modeling and Simulations," presented to the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, September 20, 2017 (invited presentation).
    • Stretz, H.A. "Towards Self-Cleaning Chlorine Resistant Water Treatment Membranes," American Institute of Chemical Engineers/Eastman Corp., Kingston, Tennessee, November 2017.
    • Stretz, H.A., and A. Altalhi, "Montmorillonite-Modified Aromatic Polyamide Membrane Materials with Chlorine Resistance," presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 2018. 

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