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Water Center

Faculty and Staff

Director Jeff Schaeffer 

Justin Murdock

Tania Datta
Dr. Jeff Schaeffer,
(931) 372-3609

Dr. Justin Murdock, 
Associate Professor and Research Leader
(931) 372-3147
Dr. Tania Datta,
Associate Professor and Research Leader
(931) 372-3446

Alfred Kalyanapu

Sandy Garrison

Sandy Dodson
Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu,
Associate Professor and Research Leader
(931) 372-3561
In loving memory 
of Sandy Garrison, 
our dedicated office manager who passed away Sept. 2021

Sandy Dodson, 
Administrative Associate 3
(931) 372-3507  
 Dan Dodson  Phillip Burr  David Hobbs
Dan Dodson, 
Lab Manager
(931) 372-3061 
Phillip Burr, 
Academic Support Associate
(931) 372-3538 
David Hobbs, 
Lab Support
(931) 372-3538 
Amy Hill    
Amy Hill,
Editor/Graphic Designer
(931) 372-3464  

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