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Mission Statement

To support, guide, and empower students for academic and social success in their college, professional and life experiences.

About Us

All students entering into the College of Business are initially admitted as Basic Business majors and receive support services through the College of Business Student Success Center. The Center offers academic advising to Basic Business majors to ensure that preparation for upper-division students is both thorough and properly sequenced. Freshmen who begin their studies at Tennessee Tech, as well as those students who transfer to the College from other majors or from other schools, are advised by the Center.

The Center also offers workshops, seminars, and special events through the Student to Career program. The purpose of the Student to Career program is to provide programming that enhances the academic and social elements of our student's college experiences as they transition from business student to business professional. Students participate in resume and interview workshops, dining etiquette training, and special events including career fairs.

Students satisfactorily completing the Basic Business program may affiliate with an upper-division major. Students must complete at least 60 semester hours, including mathematics, English, science, history, humanities, communications and all required sophomore-level business courses, with at least a 2.0 quality point average (QPA). Students should apply for affiliation with the upper-division major through the COB Student Success Center during the last semester of the sophomore year.


The staff of the College of Business Student Success Center is dedicated to serving as more than merely advisement counselors. In this spirit, the Division of Basic Business is proud to offer various services in addition to advisement. These services include special events coordinated for the benefit of the students, information concerning student business organizations, publications, academic support, and information about the opportunity to study abroad.


The College of Business Student Success Center also helps to coordinate Window on the World. This is an international festival held in the spring on the Tennessee Tech campus. Participants enjoy a symposium on Friday and a cultural event on Saturday. Participants receive a "passport" as they enter the cultural event and proceed from one country to another. The participants view colorful displays, sample delicious ethnic food from cultures spanning the globe, and enjoy multicultural entertainment. Business students play an active and important part in the preparation of this fun and educational festival.


  • Student Business Organization Brochure
  • Majors Brochure
  • Affiliating Student Handbook
  • Parent Handbook

College of Business Student Ambassadors

The College of Business Student Ambassadors are a select group of business students who promote the College of Business to current and prospective students, assist university and college sponsored events, and work with the College of Business Student Success Center with recruitment of prospective students.

Academic Support

The College of Business Student Success Center provides you with a vast array of academic support services.

  • Tutoring - The College of Business Student Success Center offers a free tutoring program for those students with needs in a specific class or discipline.
  • Assistance Labs - The College of Business Student Success Center may refer students to information concerning assistance labs, staffed by students, for those needing help in a variety of subjects. These subjects include Accounting, Mathematics, and English
  • Basic Business advisors strongly encourage our students to take advantage of the Academic Enhancement Workshop series offered by the Tennessee Tech Counseling Center. These workshops are entertaining and offer very valuable information for just an hour per workshop. See Tennessee Tech Counseling Center website for details.
  • If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ.


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