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Theater Design and Technology
      "Technical Theater"

Here at Tennessee Tech, we use "hands-on" classroom laboratory projects and production work to help students gain the skills necessary for today's fast pace and constantly changing theater environment. 

Careers in Technical Theater

Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology programs prepare individuals to apply artistic, technical and dramatic principles and techniques to the communication of dramatic information, ideas, moods, and feelings through technical theatre methods. Includes instruction in set design, lighting design, sound effects, theatre acoustics, scene painting, property management, costume design, and technical direction and production and use of computer applications to support these functions.

Specialized concentration on your interest - toward your goals.

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Careers in Technical Theater


Careers in Technical Theater


Scenery, Lighting, Costumes, Props, Sound


Start with Intro to Theater and Stagecraft 1 and Play Production.
Then contact Bob to discuss goals and your next step. 

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