Tennessee Technology Advancement Consortium

Tennessee Technology Advancement Consortium (TTAC)

The Tennessee Technology Advancement Consortium (TTAC) is a dynamic initiative committed to propelling innovation and technology transfer at Tennessee Tech University. TTAC is not just a program; it's a catalyst for innovation, a bridge to the real-world impact of academic research, and a beacon of opportunity for faculty, students, and our entire academic community. At its core, TTAC aspires to foster a thriving ecosystem where invention disclosures flourish, driven by a comprehensive scope of work that encompasses key pillars.  

Mindset Activities: TTAC initiates a cultural transformation through monthly workshops that raise awareness, educate faculty about IP policies, and reframe IP and commercialization as integral to professional development. This initiative, in collaboration with the Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFÉ), aims to create a mindset where innovation and commercialization thrive. 

Faculty Mentorship Collaborative: Seasoned senior faculty mentors, recognized within their colleges and departments, guide faculty and students on their journey toward invention disclosures. Supported by CAFÉ, these mentors promote innovation and technology transfer. 
Developing a Pipeline of Invention Disclosures: The addition of a Graduate Assistant (GA) and post-doc or full time employee enhances support. The GA assists with pre-feasibility studies, patent searches, and attracts students to the Eagle Works Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, providing real-world experience. 

Invention Disclosure Competition: TTAC's hallmark event, held in mid-spring, invites faculty and students to pitch their inventions. Judged by local entrepreneurial and tech transfer experts, it promises incentives and support packages, catalyzing innovation and community engagement. 

Recognition: TTAC offers university-wide recognition to both inventors and mentors. Traditional recognition mechanisms, including press releases, amplify the impact of these invaluable contributors to innovation. 

Through these strategic initiatives, TTAC seeks to cultivate a culture of innovation, motivation, and encouragement at Tennessee Tech University. By embracing the transformative power of invention disclosure, TTAC aims to empower faculty and students, propelling our institution toward a future rich in groundbreaking discoveries, entrepreneurial success, and technological advancement.