Graduate Studies Executive Committee


The function of the Graduate Studies Executive Committee is to act for the faculty and the administration in the governance of the graduate program of the University. The Committee is an advisory body to the President of the University on matters relating to the interpretation of Graduate School regulations and on matters of general policy in the operation of the Graduate School. The Committee makes recommendations concerning: 

a. Proposed graduate programs and the qualifications of departments for offering graduate study. 
b. The coordination of graduate programs of study and research. 
c. Criteria for appointment to the Graduate School Faculty. 
d. Entrance and graduation requirements for the graduate program. 
e. Approval of exceptions in course or program requirements whenever a student's program does not conform to the regular curriculum requirements. 

All actions of the Committee are subject to review by the Academic Council and the President of the University. Any action of the Committee must be in accordance with the general regulations of the University and its governing board.


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