University Research Advisory Committee


The University Research Advisory Committee advises the President and President's cabinet members on strategies to stimulate growth in scholastic and externally funded research and innovative/creative activities within the university community.  The Committee advises on the development of a comprehensive structure and network of programs to foster these activities along with fulfilling one of the key focus areas:  "Distinctiveness - Create Distinctive Programs and Invigorate Faculty" of the flight plan with the following objectives:

1. Expand scholastic and externally funded research.

2. Support faculty collaboration and development.

3. Promote cross-disciplinary and integrated programs and scholarship.

4. Provide undergraduate research opportunities.

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  • Scholastic Research Award Recipients

    Applications are currently being accepted, the deadline for submission is April 5, 2024 at 4:30 p.m.

    Tennessee Tech University Annual Scholastic Research Award
    presented by the University Research Advisory Committee

    The Annual Scholastic Research Award is a university-wide award for a single, significant and innovative work produced, published, performed or exhibited during the preceding calendar year (January 1 – December 31). 

    Applications are open to all tenure-track or tenured faculty, with one award reserved for tenure-track faculty and one award reserved for tenured faculty, for a total of two awards. Each awardee will receive a monetary prize in the amount of $1,500. A faculty member who has won the award shall be ineligible for the same award for a period of three years.

    A complete application consists of the following items:

    1. A two-page narrative explaining the importance of the work and its relevance to the applicant's larger discipline (NB: Receipt of a grant alone does not constitute an eligible work within the parameters of this award). The narrative must be double-spaced with one-inch margins at the top, bottom, and on each side, and must not exceed two pages.  The type must be clear, readily legible, and 12-point Times New Roman.
    2. A one-page letter of support from a colleague that explains the importance and relevance of the work submitted within the context of the applicant's discipline.  The letter must be on letterhead from the evaluator's institution. The letter may come from the Tennessee Tech faculty, or from outside of Tennessee Tech.
    3. Up to 3 pieces of evidence in support of the work.

    Evidence can include, but is not limited to, the following: Copies of publications, compositions, programs and reviews of exhibitions or performances, or any other item attesting to the work under consideration. The items the candidate submits as evidence should serve to strengthen the narrative and serve to provide a deeper understanding of the submitted work's significance and innovation to a committee with members representing all disciplines at Tennessee Tech. 

    Do not attach a bio, vitae, or resume to the application. 

    Application materials must be submitted electronically in a single PDF.  


    The University Research Advisory Committee will review applications each spring semester and award winners will be announced at the Faculty Recognition Reception. 


    • 2024: Dr. Michael Gunter, Sociology & Political Science, Tenured Faculty and Dr. Mostafa Rahnama, Biology, Tenure-Track Faculty
    • 2023: Dr. Jessee Carrick, Tenured Faculty and Dr. Syed Ali Asad Rizvi, Tenure-Track Faculty
    • 2022: Dr. Jospeh Biernacki, Tenured Faculty and Dr. Mary Matthews, Tenure-Track Faculty
    • 2021:  Dr. Chad Luke, Tenured Faculty, and Dr. Michael Olsen, Tenure-Track Faculty
    • 2020:  Janet Isbell and Shelly Marasi
    • 2019:  Dan Allcott
    • 2018:  Jesse Carrick and Mohamed Mahmoud
    • 2017:  Steven Canfield, Seth King and ChaBum Lee

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