Commission on the Status of Blacks


The purpose of this Commission is to advise the President of the University on matters of concern to Black faculty, staff, and students, and to promote awareness and programs of interest to Tennessee Tech Black persons. 
In pursuing this purpose the Commission will endeavor to: 

a. Improve the quality of life for Black faculty, staff, and students. 
b. Promote the hiring and promotion of Blacks through the evaluation and use of the Tennessee Tech Affirmative Action Plan and other employment and promotion programs. 
c. Make recommendations regarding recruiting, retention, and extra-curricular activities. 
d. Promote the development of the Black Cultural Center. 
e. Serve in an advisory capacity to the Black Cultural Center Board. 
f. Strive to promote more positive attitudes toward Blacks and Black issues.

g. Submit an annual report to the Administrative Council.

h. Promote educational offerings which pertain to Black issues.


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