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Melissa  Creek




College of Business Student Success Center

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Foundation Hall (FNDH) 132 / Box 5023


  • BSBA Finance, Tennessee Tech University 

Melissa Creek received her B.S. in Business Administration with a major in Finance at Tennessee Tech University in 1998.   After graduation, she worked with different non-profit organizations to help others in need.  She also traveled to different places in the U.S. and around the world to work with children and families who needed assistance.  She is grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to 21 nations to learn about people and cultures around the world. 

In 2005, she decided to pursue a degree that would combine her interests of travel with her desire to teach.   She completed her Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction with her Specialty Area in Geography in 2007.  After she completed her degree, she began teaching Geography courses and sections of university courses designed to help international students transition to an American university.  For six years, Melissa was the coordinator for Window on the World International Festival (2011-2016).  She enjoyed leading others in celebrating the nations represented both here at Tech and in our Cookeville community.   In 2011, Melissa was hired as an Academic Advisor in the College of Business.  Her role as an Academic Advisor transitioned from a temporary part-time position to a permanent full-time position in 2013.  She continues to advise students in the College of Business and look for opportunities to travel and teach.