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Hannah Kinmonth-Schultz

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Hannah  Kinmonth-Schultz 


Assistant Professor



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Lab Science Commons 2103


Dr. Hannah Kinmonth-Schultz grew up in Hanover, WI. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Botany and received her MS and PhD at the University of Washington-Seattle. Her expertise is in plant environmental perception and the mechanisms controlling plants' transition to flowering, especially in complex and changing environments. She uses a multidisciplinary approach that spans molecular biology, physiological ecology, and statistical and mathematical modeling. Hannah is also an enthusiastic educator. Her classroom teaching experience spans K-12 through the undergraduate and graduate student levels. She seeks strategies to improve student learning outcomes and solutions to address the diversity gap in STEM. For example, she was a co-founder and curriculum design chair of the successful Jayhawks Breaking Barriers program at the University of Kansas. At Tennessee Tech, she is interested in pursuing both plant- and education-based research questions.