Padmini Veerapen


Padmini  Veerapen


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Bruner 225


I was born and raised in Mauritius, an island off the southeastern coast of Africa. 

I have spent the last 15 years in North America (Canada & USA). I left Mauritius after high school and started an engineering degree at Carleton University in Ottawa. After two years of engineering school, I left Ottawa and moved to Dallas to get Bachelors degrees in Psychology & Philosophy at the University of Texas at Arlington. I stayed on at the University of Texas at Arlington to complete my M.S. and PhD. in Math.

After graduation in 2013, I moved to Tennessee for a tenure-track position at Tennessee Tech University, where I have been teaching, Calculus, Matrix Algebra, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra (undergrad & graduate) and doing research in the general area of Noncommutative Algebra.

I work with noncommutative algebras and one of my goals is to classify quadratic algebras using techniques from noncommutative algebraic geometry developed by M. Artin, J. Tate and M. Van den Bergh in the late 1980's. I've also done some work on a definition of a notion of rank on noncommutative quadratic forms.