Campus Community Health • HEERF I, II & III

Tammy Boles


Tammy  Boles, Ph.D.


Associate Professor


School of Environmental Studies

Email Address:


(931) 372-6123


Southwest Hall #181


Research areas and interests:

  • Pharmaceuticals, specifically illegal drugs, in wastewater and surface waters by LC-MS/MS and GC-MSn
  • Detection of microplastics in surface water, wastewater, soil, and sludge
  • Metals in water, soil, and plants by ICP-MS and ICP-OES
  • Markers of decomposition 

Educational Background

  • Tennessee Technological University, 2009 
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
    Major: Environmental Sciences – Chemistry Concentration
    Dissertation: Detection and Analysis of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants in Wastewater
  • The University of South Carolina, 1992
    Degree: Master pf Science
    Major: Chemistry  
    Thesis: Quantitation of Maillard Reaction Products in Tissue Protein
  • The University of South Carolina, 1989
    Degree: Bachelor of Science
    Major: Chemistry