Cody Bryant


Cody  Bryant


Director of Web & Digital Media


Communications and Marketing

Email Address:


(931) 372-3292


Foundation Hall 219


Cody Bryant, a digital strategist in higher education and digital media began with a deep passion for visual storytelling with an undergraduate bachelor's degree in fine art photography from Louisiana Tech University, followed by a master's of science in organizational leadership from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His career began as a university photographer at Tennessee Tech, laying a solid foundation in visual arts, which seamlessly transitioned into a pivotal role in higher education's digital forefront. Currently serving as the Director of Web and Digital Media, Cody oversees the university’s website, digital signage, and virtual tours and interactive maps. His drive from photography to a directorial position underscores an active career evolution, showcasing his ability to blend creative vision with strategic digital initiatives. Cody's comprehensive approach to digital media management and marketing, highlighted by his expertise in design and visuals, not only enhances the university's digital presence but also sets a benchmark for excellence in the field.