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Katherine Hadar

Katherine Hadar


Katherine  Hadar




SACF Art, Craft & Design

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Katherine Hadar teaches in Montana, Colorado, Kentucky and Tennessee.

She creates visual imagery related to time and ownership. She uses charcoal, ink, film, and words to create stories (light and narrative trajectory through digital delivery.) Katie's films have premiered at Sun Valley and New Orleans. Her work stems memory, texture, place, family, destruction and reemergence. Native to the Western United States, Katherine watches human and place interactions: the rapid rise and fall of resource collection; the replacement and the slow, grudging contracts between humans and wide open wild spaces.  Her images frequently reflect the desire to stake out a claim of one's own, through artificial light, heavy industry, and fences. Her work examines a tense dialog between ownership and stewardship, poverty and profit; a rift between respect and fear, iron and sand, success and failure.