Kelly Bevin Butler


K. Bevin   Butler


Assistant Professor


Art, Craft, & Design

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(931) 372-6097


Foundation Hall 312A


Bevin Butler is the Assistant Professor of Art History at Tennessee Tech University.  She received her PhD in Art History, Theory & Criticism from Arizona State University in 2021.  Her dissertation, titled, “Crafting Agency in Needle and Thread: "Nuns' Work" and Textile Production in Late Medieval Monasteries,” critically interrogates the historic associations of textiles with femininity, the historiography regarding nuns' contributions to the arts in the Middle Ages, and the ways in which embroideries and tapestries produced by nuns subverted traditional church hierarchies.  

Art by Bevin ButlerBevin is interested in critical theories related to gender in art and the history of categories such as craft, decorative or applied art, and fine art.  She teaches a variety of art history courses that engage students to see how developing an understanding of art and art history is essential to building empathy, applying critical thinking, and exercising visual literacy.