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Eagle Card Office
Welcome to Tennessee Tech University and to the Eagle Card Office.  The Eagle Card serves as much more than just an ID and will, in the future, offer even more benefits to the University family.  As new phases are completed, information will be added to this website so that you are kept abreast of the most current benefits of your Eagle Card.  Thank you for you patience and cooperation as implementation continues at Tennessee Tech.

About the Eagle Card
The Eagle Card is the official identification card for the university.  If you are a new student, you will be issued an Eagle Card during Freshman Orientation or registration.  Eagle Cards are valid for the duration of your education at Tennessee Tech.

The card serves in the following capacities:

photo identification
campus debit card (cash-on-card)
residence hall access (Residential Life)
laundry facility access
encoded with selected meal plans (Campus Dining Services)
access to Fitness Center (Fitness Center)
access to computer labs
access to athletic events (Athletics)

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Our Mission
The Eagle Card Office is committed to providing a quality and effective service to the University which results in enhancing the academic, as well as administrative, experience at Tennessee Tech.  In addition to serving as the official ID card of the University, the card provides students, faculty, and staff with appropriate identification, access, and debit services.


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