Tech students among tops in the nation in Spring 2020 National Cyber League

College of Engineering students among tops in the nation in Spring 2020 National Cyber League

CyberEagles group meeting Four members of Tech’s CyberEagles Capture the Flag (CTF) Cyber Interest Group, scored in the Top 100 out of 5,531 participants in the nation at the 2020 National Cyber League (NCL) Competition. Fifteen TN Tech CyberEagles participated in the event. Tech’s top performers included Susan Jeziorowski, who placed 90th; Alex Marti, 58th; Austin Brown, ninth overall; and Andy Brown, who finished third in the nation, with 2,905 points out of an available 3,000 for an 88.44% accuracy rate. All four are CyberCorp SFS Scholars.

“These students continue to grow and excel in these CTF-style events,” said cybersecurity technologist at Tech’s Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center (CEROC) and team advisor Travis Lee. “I enjoyed competing in these competitions when I was a student; now I get to continue the thrill serving as a coach for the team. I am very proud of our team’s efforts.”

“These types of competitions provide essential ‘out of classroom’ experiences which these students will need in the upcoming careers,” said Eric Brown, assistant director for CEROC. “The successful outcomes of this competition are a unique combination of the incredible students with which we interact with every day, an excellent computer science program with the best cybersecurity concentration in the state, and professional growth provided by the peer mentoring opportunities afforded by the cybersecurity interest groups within CyberEagles. Our students are the life-blood of our center.”

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