Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Environmental Engineering Laboratory equipment

The Civil and Environmental Engineering uses this lab to train future engineers on the accepted methodologies used to analyze water and wastewater quality.

Key Capabilities:

Water Analyses

  • Color testing
  • Breakpoint chlorination
  • Alkalinity and hardness
  • Turbidity, jar tests

Wastewater Analyses

  • Solids testing
  • Microbial identification
  • BOD assessments
  • Dissolved oxygen

Key Equipment:

  • Spectronic 20
  • Nephelometers
  • Jar test apparatus
  • Nikon microscopes
  • Spectophotomer – Hach 4000U

Ancillary Equipment:

  • Drying oven
  • Incubator
  • Analytical balance
  • Vacuum system



Julia B. Avera, Ph.D.