Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Norris Incorporates Rural Into Coursework

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Norris Incorporates Rural Into Coursework

Norris graphicRural Reimagined recognizes Dr. Lachelle Norris, Professor of Sociology, for integrating rural components into her coursework. Her Sociology of Appalachia class discusses grassroots economic development by highlighting Upper Cumberland businesses that value environmental and economic sustainability. The students also preserve and share rural traditions and practices on a class website devoted to this video project:

In her Rural Sociology class, students work with local community members on a variety of projects in our rural areas. Both are upper-level electives available to all students. Dr. Norris states, “My goal is that my students will uncover the roots of the problems in our rural areas and come up with solutions that will not only provide temporary relief but that can make a difference for the long haul."

If you are incorporating rural into your coursework or research, email Kinsey Potter at to share your story.

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