Grand Challenge News: Student Success Story

Agriculture Students Win $5,450 in Scholarships from Ag Innovation Challenge

Ag Innovation GraphicRural Reimagined congratulates agriculture students Chelsay Burns, Nealie West, Annalicia Larson, and Madison Phillips for winning a total of $5,450 in scholarships at the Ag Innovation Challenge! The Innovation Challenge was held on November 10th, and six students from the Department of Agriculture competed to identify an agricultural problem and brainstorm innovative ideas for a solution.

Chelsay Burns won the 1st place of $2,500; Nealie West won 2nd place of $1,500 in addition to the audience choice award of $350; Annalicia Larson won 3rd place of $1,000; and Madison Phillips received the Rural Reimagined award of $100. Dr. Dennis Fennewald and Mr. Matthew McClanahan wrote the grant for the challenge titled “Rural Renewal: A Roadmap for Rural America,” which was funded by the Charles Koch Foundation.

Rural Reimagined is proud of the event’s success and the innovative ideas from all participants. Wings up!

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