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Rural Reimagined Grand Challenge Success Story with Mrs. Ann Marie Carrick and Mr. Thomas Turner

Graphic for Mrs. Carrick and Mr. TurnerThe Rural Reimagined Grand Challenge is excited to share the success story of Mrs. Ann Marie Carrick and Mr. Thomas Turner for their implementation of Rural Reimagined into their Spring UNPP 2020 courses. Mrs. Carrick and Mr. Turner developed the course, titled “Rural Healthcare Exploration,” to allow students in the Pre-Professional Health Sciences programs to work with local doctors and volunteer in healthcare settings to explore the importance, challenges, and changes in healthcare within rural areas.

UNPP 2020 students shadow professionals, volunteer in rural areas, and ask questions revolving around rural medicine, such as questions regarding doctors’ opinions on what efforts could alleviate the problem of limited access to a variety of practitioners in their areas. The courses are an opportunity for students to learn, reflect, and discuss their findings in a panel, while it simultaneously sparks inspiration in the students to work in rural areas after earning their medical degrees.

Mr. Turner states that he hopes through seeing problems in rural medicine up close, students will maintain the mindset of, “Wow, that is something we could help with someday!” Stay tuned for updates, and wings up Mrs. Carrick and Mr. Turner!



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