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Rural Reimagined Spotlight: Dr. Kristin Pickering & the Professional & Technical Communication Program

Graphic for Dr. Kristin Pickering and PTC Program

March, 2019 marks one year of partnership between Rural Reimagined (RR) and the Professional & Technical Communication (PTC) program in the English department. Regarding her program’s involvement, Dr. Kristin Pickering states,  “Rural Reimagined is an excellent experience for students, especially through our required PTC internships. It gives students opportunities to work with the University and the community and see how their degree skills, such as grant writing, technical writing, and communication, can be utilized.”

One PTC graduate and past RR intern, Matt Billings, states, “My opportunities from Rural Reimagined, coupled with my learned skills in the English PTC Program, undoubtedly gave me professional experience for my current career.” Similarly, PTC graduate Kinsey Potter states, “Working with Rural Reimagined has allowed me to utilize my PTC skills in real life. I now see that communication has a strong capability to make a change.” Matt now has a job at the Upper Cumberland Development District, and Kinsey is working on her M.A. while continuing as the RR graduate assistant.

Dr. Pickering encourages students and faculty to become involved, as she states, “We have seen so much success so far in this partnership. No matter what interests students have, they can find a place in Rural Reimagined.” Wings up, Dr. Pickering and the PTC Program!



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