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Faculty Grant Spotlight: Dr. DiFurio and Ms. Nabors Awarded $63,285 Rural-Based Grant

DiFurio/Nabors grant graphicRural Reimagined recognizes PI Dr. Ferdinand DiFurio (Economics Finance and Marketing) and CO-PI Ms. Yolunda Nabors (Economics Finance and Marketing) for being awarded a $63,285 rural-based grant from the Tennessee Rural Communications Cooperatives Association to conduct an economic impact analysis of a broadband project in Tennessee.

According to Dr. DiFurio and Ms. Nabors, “Broadband access that meets established standards is considered by many a necessary condition for technological advance and economic growth in modern day times. And while it is clear that broadband expansion creates jobs and increases business and commerce, it represents technological progress that is vital to a growing economy.” Rural Reimagined is excited to see the impact of this study on our surrounding rural areas. Wings up! 



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