Applied Behavior Analysis - Ph.D.

The doctoral program with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis  prepares professionals to develop and deliver behavioral interventions and support for individuals in educational and habilitative settings. There are two strands in ABA:

Young Children and Families (YCF) prepares professionals to provide support and interventions to young, at-risk children and families with an emphasis on building relationships with and advocating for those groups.

School-Aged Children and Adult Populations (ABAS) prepares professionals who will implement and provide empirical support for behavioral interventions for a range of populations and pursue board certification as a behavior analyst.

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Admissions Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Exceptional Learning Ph.D. program are evaluated based on multifaceted criterion that can include the following:

    1. GPA: Consideration for admission to the program is based on the applicant's grade point average (GPA) in the last graduate degree or the last sixty hours of undergraduate work if no graduate degree has been completed. An average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or above from a recognized baccalaureate, graduate, or professional degree from a regionally accredited (e.g. SACS) college or university, or an international equivalent based on a four-year curriculum is required for admission.
    2. Scholarly Writing: Students must demonstrate scholarly writing skill and mastery by submitting a reference-based paper, thesis, or other written document in which information from various sources has been synthesized. The applicant must be the sole author.
    3. Letters of Recommendation: Recommendation letters should be from individuals, preferably professors, who are able to comment on the student's qualifications and scholarly aptitude for doctoral study.  The letters should also address characteristics that will contribute to the student's success as a doctoral student should you be accepted in the ELPhD program.  Consideration will be made based upon the content of the letters.  Please make certain the recommenders know they must submit a letter as well as evaluate the applicant on a series of qualities (done when submitting the letter).  Applications without three letters may not receive full considerations.
    4. GRE: Valid GRE scores (score date within 5 years of application) must be submitted as part of the ELPhD application.
    5. Statement of Intent: One to two pages that address the following: intended enrollment (semester and year), intended concentration, autobiographical statement, educational and professional goals, and area of interest for future research.  Applicants to the ABA concentration must indicate the strand in which they wish to enroll: School-Aged and Adult Populations (ABAS) or Young Children & Families (YCF).
    6. Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume
    7. Interviews: Applicants who pass the initial evaluation will be required to have an interview with the ELPhD program faculty and director of graduate programs.

Fulfilling the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

International candidates are required to demonstrate competency in spoken and written English by taking appropriate standardized tests. See accepted standardized tests and minimum required scores »

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Degree Details

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Major: Exceptional Learning
Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis

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