Construction and traffic updates, Aug. 2019

New greenspace at RUCThe summer has seen the completion of a number of construction projects, along with changes to the campus traffic system, including the return of the Purple shuttle route through the southern and eastern portion of campus.

Traffic and parking updates

Campus Shuttles

  • The campus shuttles will feature two routes (Purple and Gold) running from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Purple route returns this fall due to the renovation of Bruner Hall and the increase in general education classes in Foundation Hall.
  • A second Gold shuttle bus will operate from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to accommodate increased ridership during this time.
  • See the campus parking map for details about the routes, including stops.

B Street between the Volpe Library and Tucker Stadium has been re-opened.

The Red zone parking lot between the Hooper Eblen Center and Tucker Stadium has been restructured to create a better traffic flow in the lot and its adjoining streets.

Some new construction projects will impact traffic (see below). Tech Times is the best way to stay up-to-date on this.

Construction updates

Completed Projects

Lobby of Kittrell HallThe renovation of Bartoo and Kittrell halls is finished. Classes will be held in these buildings this fall. Kittrell is the home of the Department of Earth Sciences, and Bartoo is the home of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

The renovation of Browning/Evins residence halls is finished.

The two construction projects at the Volpe Library are finished.

The area immediately west of the Roaden University Center’s addition has been turned into a grassy lawn.

The world record-holding Winston Morris Tuba Collection has a new home in Roaden University Center 342. Its grand opening will be Homecoming weekend in November.

The Office of Parking and Transportation Services is now located off of the lobby of the Roaden University Center.

Ongoing Projects

Inside of new Student Recreation CenterWork on the new Student Recreation Center continues. Landscaping and road work will be going on outside the building as construction primarily moves inside the building. The facility is expected to be completed in April 2020.

Exterior of the Lab Sciences BuildingWork on the Lab Sciences Building continues, including the lecture hall portion of the project located near Peachtree Avenue. The lecture hall is expected to be completed in May 2020, with classes being held in it the following fall. The main structure is expected to be completed October 2020.

New Projects

Bruner Hall renovation will begin this fall and is expected to be completed in early 2021. During the renovation, the departments of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science will be located in Foundation Hall. Classes traditionally scheduled in Bruner will be held in other buildings on campus, primarily Foundation Hall.

The renovation of Cooper/Dunn residence halls will begin this fall. The renovations, similar to upgrades that have been done most recently to Browning/Evins residence halls, are expected to be completed summer 2020.

The roofs of T.J. Farr Building, and Pennebaker and Derryberry halls will be replaced starting later this fall. Derryberry Hall’s clock tower will also be replaced as part of the roofing project.

University Drive between Willow Avenue and West Campus Parking will be upgraded to better support both vehicular and pedestrian traffic to and from the parking lots. This project is expected to start toward the end of the fall semester. Details on traffic pattern impacts will be shared closer to the start of the project.

Two steam line replacement projects will impact traffic flow around campus this year.

  • The first, the line replacement from Lewis Hall to the parking lot west of Clement Hall, will begin at the end of this month and be conducted in two phases. During the first phase, 10th Street will remain open, along with all building entrances. The second phase, expected to start later in the fall semester, 10th Street will be closed at Lewis Hall for line excavation and replacement, and pavement of the affected area.
  • The second, the line replacement at Capital Quad is anticipated to begin in late October. It will be completed in phases over the next nine months to minimize the impact to parking and traffic.



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