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A portrait of Keith Madison

Keith Madison

`98 business management
`99 MBA
2 years True To Tech



Why are you True To Tech? 

Tech is a special place to me.  The education I received gave me a great foundation for my career and Tech is where I met my wife and many of my best friends.

What area(s) on campus do you support?

Most recently, I have given to the Diversity Scholarship Initiative.

Why do you choose to support this area specifically?

I was a recipient of a diversity scholarship when I was at Tech.  I think it is important to pay that forward.

What inspired you to give?

Before Marc Burnett retired, he sent an invitation for alumni to support the Diversity Scholarship initiative.  Marc was a mentor for me, and giving back was the least I could do to honor him.  As I learned more about the difference in funds available for minority scholarships now as opposed to when I was a Tech student, I wanted to do a small part to help someone else have the opportunity for the same great education that I was able to receive.