What to Bring

Because orientation is a full-day program, there are several items that we recommend you have with you throughout the day to ensure you come comfortable and ready to learn and!

Recommended Items to Bring to International Orientation

Comfortable Clothing & Shoes
It's possible you may be doing some activities and walking around campus a bit; we highly encourage comfortable clothing as well as comfortable walking shoes!
if you tend to get cold easily, we recommend bringing a light jacket or sweatshirt with you; some classroom and auditorium spaces where you will be for informational sessions can tend to get cold.
Umbrella or Rain Jacket
The weather in middle Tennessee can sometimes be unpredictable with pop-up showers. We recommend having an umbrella or rain jacket on hand just in case!
Personal Photo Identification
You will need to ensure you have some form of photo I.D. with you, as you may need this in order to get your Eagle Card (Tennessee Tech Student I.D.). You will take your Eagle Card photo during orientation check-in.
Pencil/Pen and a Notepad
You will receive a lot of helpful information during this orientation program, and you may want to take notes; we highly encourage bringing something to take notes with should you wish to.
Snacks/Bottled water
Although you will be provided with 2 meals during your orientation, we recommend bringing snacks and water for yourself throughout the day in case your body has not yet adjusted to time changes and to ensure you stay hydrated.