College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

Registration FAQ

Am I required to see my advisor?

Yes, all undergraduate students are required to see their academic advisor for advising at least once a semester.  At the advising appointment, you will receive an advisement sheet with courses recommended towards your major and an Alternate Pin for registration.  You will not be able to register without the Alternate Pin provided by your advisor.

How do I find my Alternate Pin once advised?

Your academic advisor will provide you with an Alternate Pin at your advising appointment.  Once you have registered for at least one course, you are able to view your Alternate Pin through Eagle Online.  To view your Alternate Pin, log into Eagle Online and click on the Student tab.  Under the Student Tab, select "Registration" and choose "Select Term." Change the term to the one you are registering and click on "View Banner ID, Reg. Times, and PO Box."  If you have any trouble viewing your Pin, please contact your academic advisor.

How many courses am I able to take each semester?

For university purposes, the minimum load for full-time attendance in fall and spring is 12 semester hours; summer is 8 semester hours (4 hours 1st term and 4 hours 2nd term).  For Financial Aid purposes, however, the minimum course load is always 12 hours, regardless of the term.  Sixteen to seventeen hours is the normal student load. The maximum credit load for a student in good standing is 20 hours for fall and spring semesters and 15 for summer. Any load exceeding the above requires approval by the Department Chair and Dean of the College or School in which the student is majoring.

Are there any general education courses which I am required to take for my major?

All students are required to complete a general education core that is built into their major.  View what is required for the TTU General Education Core.

How will I know if classes I have taken from another institution will count at Tennessee Tech?

All dual and transfer credit is evaluated by our Office of the Registrar once they have received your transcript upon admission to the university.  While your advisor will not be able to know how exactly a course will transfer prior to the evaluation of your transcript, the Office of Admissions does have a list of courses that students from Tennessee Tech have taken at other institutions and how they transferred in the past.  The transfer equivalency tables can serve as a guide on how your credit from home may be counted at Tech.  View the Transfer Equivalency Tables.

How do I register for classes?

The Eagle Online Registration Tutorial should help guide you through the registration process 

What is Schedule Planner?

Schedule Planner is a program which allows you to create class schedules based on your needs.  Students enter their classes, along with any breaks, work schedules, or other events they already have planned. Schedule Planner then provides all of the possible schedules that are available using your criteria.  To learn how to use Schedule Planner, view the Schedule Planner Tutorial

There may be various reasons why you may encounter an error when registering for a course.  View the Guide to Registration Errors provided by the Office of the Registrar to help alleviate any issues you may be encountering.

How do I confirm my schedule?

All students must confirm their schedule prior to start of classes for the following semester in which they are registered.  To learn how to confirm your schedule, view the Schedule Confirmation Tutorial through the Office of the Bursar.

What are some common terms used by Eagle Online used for Registration?

a)         CRN: unique to each section of each course

b)         Subj & Crse: ENGL 1010

c)         Sec: Section #

    • 001 – lecture
    • 101 – lab
    • 201 – recitation
    • 501 – TTU Online course
    • 600/S00, etc. – special, off campus
    • 800/850 – Honors ONLY
    • R50 – Regents Online (extra cost)

d)         Cmp: campus (50M = Cookeville)

e)         Cred: credits, generally 1 credit = 1 hours of lecture per week or 3 hours of lab per week

f)          Title: course title

g)         Days: M Monday, T Tuesday, W Wednesday, R Thursday, F Friday

h)         Time: time of day

i)          Cap:  capacity: maximum seats for the course

j)          Act:  actual: seats already filled

k)         Rem: remaining: seats available

l)          WL Cap: waitlist capacity: maximum seats on the waitlist

m)        WL Acc:  waitlist actual: students already on the waitlist

n)         WL Rem: waitlist remaining: seats available on the waitlist

o)         Instructor: person teaching the course (TBD - To Be Determined)

p)         Date: the duration of the course

q)         Location: room where the course will be taught

r)         Attribute: any special information about the course