Resume with ROTC means leadership experience, teamwork, time management, good gpa; resume without ROTC means just a good GPA.

In today's competitive job climate, what will set you apart from your peers? All Cadets enrolled in TN Tech Army ROTC program receive world-class training in time management, problem solving, leader development, physical fitness, small unit tactics, and military skills from an outstanding military Cadre team with a combined total of over 80 years of experience leading and developing Soldiers in training and combat. Upon commissioning, you will have the opportunity to pursue full time employment as an Active Duty Officer, or choose to apply your skills in a civilian career and work as a part time Officer in the National Guard or Army Reserve.

Contracted Cadets are eligible to participate in a variety of fully-funded training events including internships, cultural immersion summer programs, military schools (Airborne or Air Assault), as well as other opportunities. The Army pays for all associated costs for these training events to include travel, food and lodging.

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