Leave Reporting

General Reminders:

  • Faculty do not submit an online leave report. Any leave taken should be submitted on a paper form or through DocuSign (Forms). Only faculty that have taken leave need to submit the form to Payroll. The form needs to be filled out by the employee and approved by the employee's department before sending to Payroll for processing.  Faculty leave reports have the same deadlines as the online leave reports.
  • Online leave entry does not apply to adjuncts, GA’s, or temporary workers.
  • When reporting bereavement leave, please put relationship to the deceased in the comment section of the leave report.
  • Any hours reported under “other paid time” will need to have an explanation in the comment section of the leave report.
  • Please be mindful when submitting/approving leave reports to click the submit and/or approval button only once to avoid submit/approval errors.
  • When/If approvers or proxies in your department change, please email us to request any changes that need to be made to the routing queue.  Please attach a completed Delegation of Authority Signature Authorization Form showing Leave Report Proxy Authorization. Form can be found in Policy Tech under Policy 512 documentation.

Leave Report Instructions

Leave Approval Instructions

2024 Online Leave Entry Deadline Calendar

Lost/Extra Time

If anyone has any questions regarding leave reports, please contact us by email or at extension X3036.  Thank you!

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