Jobs for English Majors

Do all English majors become teachers?  No.  Do you have to go on to graduate school?  Not usually.  Research shows that the skills our majors acquire as they earn their degree in English are useful in a variety of careers and more resilient than those associated with narrow industry or market trends. Studying English will make you competitive and desired in the job market. 

What You'll Learn

Our collection of experienced faculty will help you hone your interests into these highly marketable skills:

Choose Your Own Adventure 

Having a degree in English could result in an academic-focused career, but it doesn't have to. Some of our alumni have gone on to careers in law, government, editing/publishing, and business management, to name a few. Equipped with the skills listed above and many more, English graduates can acquire jobs over a wide variety of career paths. 

While income depends on the career path you choose, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual wage for U.S. residents with English degrees was $51,000, as of 2019. When choosing English, rest assured that you'll acquire skills to make you marketable to careers that can support you. All you have to do is be critical, creative, and persistent when applying.

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