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Pictures and names of WGS faculty: Paula Hinton, History; Nicole Cook, Criminology/Social Justice; Krystal Akehinmi, History; Jennifer Grey, English; Susan Muchshima Moynihan, English; Helen Hunt, English

This is an interdisciplinary program in the College of Arts & Sciences that takes an intersectional, transnational, feminist approach to the study of women and gender.

The curriculum investigates how gender, sex, and sexuality inform all kinds of practices that reproduce and resist hierarchies of power. It covers social, cultural, intellectual, and political terrain in the disciplines of English, History, Sociology, Political Science, and Criminal Justice/Criminology.

Courses examine how gender disparities connect with other identities such as race, ethnicity, class, age, religion, ability, nationality, immigrant status, and body size. Through a student-centered approach, faculty inspire students of all backgrounds to engage with local, national, and international communities in efforts to achieve social justice.

Minor in Women and Gender Studies

Students who are interested in the WGS minor must follow criteria outlined by the College of Arts and Sciences for a Minor in Arts and Sciences. 

This minor requires completion of WGS 2010 and a minimum of 12 additional credit hours of course work: 6 credit hours from the core courses and the remaining 6 credit hours from either core courses or electives. 6 of the 12 credit hours must come from upper division courses. 

To add the minor or discuss substituting classes, please contact the minor advisor, Dr. Helen Hunt at

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