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Women & Gender Studies

Fall 2021 Events


Women & Gender Studies Welcome Social

September 2nd at 11 am in the Women's Center (RUC 339)

Come meet WGS students and faculty and munch on donuts.


Serena: Superwomen as Every(Black)Woman, Tamara Winfrey-Harris

September 27th at 7 pm in Derryberry Auditorium

Presented by Center Stage and co-sponsored by the Women's Center and the Department of English

Fall 2021 Classes

Core Class

WGS 2010: Intro to Women and Gender Studies

Prerequisite: None
Nicole Cook: live stream, 11-11:50 MWF


Minor Electives

ENGL 2130: American Literature: American Women's Writing

Meets Tennessee Technological University general education requirement (Humanities/Fine Arts)
Prerequisite: None
Helen Hunt: 100% asynchronous online


ENGL 4250: Black and Minority Ethnic Post-Modern Literatures in English

Prerequisite: ENGL 2130, 2235 or 2330. Waived for ENGL majors.
Jennifer Gray: in person T 9:30 - 10:50, R asynchronous online


ENGL 4340: Topics in American Lit: Asian American Literature

Prerequisite: ENGL 2130, 2235 or 2330, waived for ENGL majors
Susan Moynihan: in person T 12-1:15, R 12-1:15 live stream


HIST 4401: Gods & Monsters: History of Horror Films

Prerequisite: None
Paula Hinton: in person, W 6-8:55 pm


SOC/CJ 4520: Patterns of Domestic Violence

Prerequisite: SOC 1010
Nicole Cook: in person 8-8:50 MWF


SOC/CJ 4540: Women and Crime

Prerequisite: SOC 1010
Nicole Cook: asynchronous online